Monday, 24 January 2022

April start for LynxAir Canada as ticket go on sale......

One of the latest additions to the Canadian aviation scene, Lynx Air is getting ready to launch services on 7th April, with tickets on sale now.

The Calgary-based airline inaugural flight will be from Calgary, its home base to Vancouver.  Also in the first raft of destinations, Lynx Air has announced for its launch schedule include Toronto, Winnipeg and Kelowna. 

The ultra-low-cost airline is launching at a difficult time with passenger numbers still depressed from the coronavirus pandemic downturn and the excessive over saturation of the Canadian travel market with numerous airlines trying to attract customers. 

Merren McArthur, CEO and president of Lynx Air told local media “It definitely is an evolving situation, however, we’re seeing there is a great deal of pent up demand for domestic travel in Canada and people still do want to fly and they still do want to travel,” she said. “We think it’s a real good opportunity for us because we’re focused on leisure travellers and people who want to connect with their family and friends.”

Starting with three new Boeing 737 MAX jets, Lynx Air follows in the footsteps of WestJet which also commenced operations with three earlier models of the twin jet back in 1996. The plan for the fledgling carrier is to have nearly 50 jets over the next seven years join its fleet as it overs more and more routes to its schedule.   The carriers new Boeing 737 seat up to 189 people and feature Boeing Sky Interior lighting, large overhead bins and extra legroom seats for extra charges. 

The airline is looking for lots of staff,  for more details Lynx Air (

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