Monday, 11 October 2021

AtYourGate Inc. Delivers First-Ever Digital Airport Meal Vouchers for Inconvenienced Travelers

AtYourGate Inc., the leader in the on-demand airport food and retail delivery space, today announced the launch of its new digital meal voucher program. Now, for the first time, travellers inconvenienced by delayed or cancelled flights can use their airline-issued vouchers to order food via an app or online and have it delivered directly to their departure gate. The program is currently being piloted through United Airlines at Denver International Airport (DEN), with availability expected to expand to additional airlines and airports in the coming months.

“Airline meal voucher programs have long served as an important way for airlines to provide value to customers frustrated by delays or cancellations due to non-weather-related reasons,” said Dave Henninger, president, AtYourGate. “However, these programs have typically required travellers to redeem vouchers in-person at an airport restaurant, putting more responsibility back on the traveller while limiting their options. The digital voucher and delivery option removes the inconvenience and enables travellers to order from anywhere in the airport while remaining close to their gate for updates on their flight situation.”

AtYourGate’s digital voucher puts control back in the hands of travellers, eliminating the need to wander the terminal with bags and other belongings seeking food from limited choices. Weary, displaced passengers who receive a voucher can visit to browse restaurant menus from across the airport, select items for purchase and then enter the airline voucher payment details at checkout. The system accepts up to the full voucher amount and allows the passenger to use their own payment method for charges exceeding what is available on the voucher. Once the customer submits the order, they can relax, sit back and wait for AtYourGate team members to deliver their meal.

AtYourGate currently operates at 17 airports in the United States. To learn more about AtYourGate and find participating airports, visit

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