Saturday, 20 February 2021

Will Boeing Become The Next McDonnell Douglas? Asks Richard Aboulafia

Richard Aboulafia, the vice president of analysis at Teal Group has posed an interesting question in an opinion piece for Aviation Week - Will Boeing Become The Next McDonnell Douglas?

It is an interesting and insightful analysis of the correlation between the demise of the two, once-great aviation powerhouses. The slow, but sure disintegration of Douglas and McDonnell Douglas and the comparisons Aboulafia draws should sound loud alarm bells in the upper regions of Boeing's management. Yet, as we've seen in recent times,  where money has been the priority, even over safety - evident on the 737 MAX programme, the senior ears at the mighty Boeing seem to be deaf to such warnings.  

I'm not sure we can see the end of the road for the commercial aircraft side of Boeing's monolithic mansion just yet, but, I think it is safe to say, there are cracks beginning to appear in the basement.  And,  left untreated and untended as we've seen time and time again, tiny cracks in the foundations can lead to spectacular collapses in a few years time.  

Read Richard's piece in Aviation Week

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