Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Norwegian is pausing its rewards frequent flyer programme

The financially troubled budget carrier Norwegian is putting a halt on all Norwegian Reward's purchase of its own products in an effort to earn more revenue per seat sold on its own very limited flights.

The carrier is effectively pausing the programme, while it goes through the examinership process in Ireland and a reconstruction process in Norway. Although, the carrier said today that whilst the Reward programme will continue, memberships will remain active, members will not be able to either earn or spend CashPoints or Rewards on Norwegian’s products or services. 

Norwegian says that once the temporary halt or block is lifted, members will be able to earn rewards for miles flown, but will limit the number of rewards that can be used to buy flights and services. This restriction will last until the pandemic is over and the airline's commercial activities can return to a new normal. Which may not happen for a number of years. Rendering little short term prospect that points holders will be able to use them at all.

As the airline is halting or pausing the programme, Norwegian has promised to offer an extension to the validity of the points, but no details have yet been given of this, or indeed how much it will cost.

Norwegian said "We do understand that these temporary changes may affect the way you would like to use our loyalty programme, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused".

Whilst the firm is maintaining that 1 point is still worth 1 Norwegian Krone there is a lot of speculation as part of the carriers rescue pack, it will devalue each point by a minimum of 50%,  yet if you can't spend them,   they are in effect worthless anyway,  at least for now.

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