Friday, 11 December 2020

Qatar Airways Cargo makes a welcome return to Pittsburgh International Airport

Whilst passenger numbers are failing to climb because of the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, cargo and air freight continues to rise, leading to more and more airlines devote more resources to carrying goods rather than people.

Doha based Qatar Airways Cargo and its freight forwarding partners on Friday resumed flights to the US hub of Pittsburgh International Airport.  The airline will be operating the route on a weekly basis, at least for the next six months and possibly longer. The jets will be mainly delivering consumer goods, helping to further strengthening the airport’s increased focus on cargo since the onset of the pandemic. The new route is a major boost for the airport, which recently saw Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways agree to to three months of international cargo services to the airport earlier this year.

“We are glad to return to Pittsburgh and support our partners with their cargo requirements. The business community, freight forwarders and shippers in Pennsylvania also benefit from direct access to our global network via Doha,” said Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways. “The mini freighters and passenger freighters introduced during the pandemic demonstrate our agility and support in ensuring the continuity of global trade.”

Viknesh Harichandra, Executive Vice President of Apex Logistics International, a freight forwarder—and partner on the flight—that coordinates delivery of shipments to their final destinations said: “With Pittsburgh, we can get things turned around quickly and, within a few hours of a flight’s arrival, it clears customs and it’s on its way,” he said. “If we can get these trucks to move quickly—pick up the freight and move it—that makes a lot of sense saving time and money in the long term.”

Qatar Airways Cargo previously served Pittsburgh for two years with twice-weekly Boeing 777 freighters until diplomatic relations soured under former President Trumps trade war regime deminised demand, forcing the route to be suspended in December 2019.  .

“Unique is proud to work with Apex Logistics in conjunction with Expo Group, Bangladesh and Qatar Airways Cargo to continue our partnership with Pittsburgh International,” said Marc Schlossberg, executive vice president of Unique Logistics. “Qatar’s coverage from the Indian subcontinent is second to none and their new mini freighters provide a unique option during these difficult times with capacity scarce.”

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