Thursday, 6 August 2020

Ecolog announces the opening of its COVID-19 Walk-In Test Centre at Eindhoven Airport

- Ecolog in partnership with Pro Health Medical provides travellers and residents with the opportunity to conduct a RT-PCR test and to receive the results on the same day*.

- Ecolog's Rapid Screening & Diagnostics facility will open as of today and is aimed at enhancing customer comfort and public safety.

- Ecolog's digital interface is set to enhance the customer experience and efficiency of the whole testing process by integrating registration, analytics and logistics all into one digital platform.

Ecolog Deutschland, part of the Ecolog International Group, a leading global provider of integrated services, rapid response and mobile infrastructure, technology, environmental solutions, logistics, screening and diagnostics, and Pro-Health Medical have announced the opening of a COVID-19 Test Center at the Eindhoven Airport, Luchthavenweg 59. The testing station provides travellers, citizens and residents with the ease of access to perform a COVID-19 RT-PCR test and to receive the results electronically on the same day the sample has been taken*.

As borders re-opened and people travelling again to spend their vacation abroad, Europe and other countries around the world have witnessed a clear increase in the number of infections. Scientists have warned about the risk of a second COVID-19 wave and have requested societies to remain cautious. Some countries have implemented a compulsory COVID-19 test for travellers prior to boarding an aeroplane or upon arrival from certain destinations. Ecologs' COVID-19 Testing Facility is aimed to support the airlines, airports and governments in their efforts to navigate this successfully and safely.

Commenting on the inauguration of Ecolog's COVID-19 testing facility, Ali Vezvaei, Group CEO of Ecolog International said "Driving test adoption by the public is regarded as one of the most effective ways to fight this pandemic. To do so, testing should come to people and it has to become affordable. That is the mission we have set for our Eco-Care™ division."

Theodoor Scheepers, CEO of Pro-Health Medical added: "Our partnership with Ecolog, a leading global organization with a disruptive solution to fight the pandemic, enables us to offer advanced diagnostic services at speed being an integral part of well-designed solution."

Ecolog, in partnership with Pro Health Medical, a RIVM registered COVID-19 laboratory offers anyone, whether travelling or passing by, to perform a test at an affordable price. Appointments can be scheduled online on, or directly at the testing facility.

*Test results will be available on the same day the sample has been taken (in more than 99% of all cases). Terms and Conditions apply.

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