Saturday, 1 August 2020

Condor now selling empty seats

Before the coronavirus took hold it would have been an unthinkable proposition - buy an empty seat on a plane,  but as we all worry about our safety, buying an empty seat seems a rather reasonable thing to do. 

Condor is the latest airline to sell empty seats!   Now its customers can now book a free additional seat on request. The extra seat is available on short and medium-haul flights for from 39.99 euros per person and route and can be booked on the carrier's website, or at check-in or at the airport. The extra seat must be located directly next to the booked seat. Condor is thus responding to the wishes of individual customers for even more comfort in Economy Class.

Condor had only recently adapted the product experience on board, expanded the online check-in and enhanced the app's functionalities in order to offer customers a digital, comfortable and varied flight experience before and during their journey.

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