Friday, 3 July 2020

The Air France group plans shed 7,580 jobs

The Air France Group to reduce workforce 

On Friday Air France and HOP! confirmed to unions the airline group is planning a major reduction of staff numbers as it seeks to reorganise itself in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. 

Air France predicts it will need to reduce staffing levels by 6,560 jobs by the end of 2022 out of a current total of 41,000. 

For HOP! the resizing and restructuring of the company will see 1,020 jobs to go over the next three years, out of the current 2,420. 

For three months, Air France's activity and revenue fell by 95%, and at the height of the crisis, the airline was losing 15 million euros per day. The airline predicts it will be a long time before any reaches a meaningful stage and doesn't expect pre-COVID 2019 levels of demand until 2024.  

Despite the French State propping up the airline with guaranteed loans of  7 billion euros, the airline group cannot continue as it is and says it has no other option than to axe jobs. 

Air France and HOP! are working together with the unions to implement plans that give priority to voluntary departures, early retirement arrangements and professional and geographical mobility. Solidarity within the Air France Group will also be implemented with proposals for internal job offers to all employees whose position will no longer exist and who do not wish to be included in the departure plan.

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