Monday, 20 July 2020

Aeroflot has launched direct flights from Moscow to Orsk

Aeroflot has launched direct flights from Moscow to Orsk. Starting from 18 July 2020, daily flights will operate on the following schedule: 
Departure time*
Arrival time*
Sheremetyevo – Orsk                       
SU 1060
Orsk - Sheremetyevo
SU 1061
*All times local
Orsk is situated in the south of Orenburg Oblast, not far from the border with Kazakhstan. 
The city occupies a unique geographic position – it is located on the banks of the Ural River, which divides the continent into Europe and Asia. Orsk is famous for its deposits of colourful jasper, which was used to decorate the interiors of the Winter Palace, the Hermitage, and the Moscow Metro. Notable monuments include Orthodox, Muslim, and Catholic temple complexes, as well as the Local History Museum.

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