Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The UK to open for business on 4 July!

The UK is effectively opening back up for business from the 4th July when a whole range of lockdown restrictions will be lifted, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Tuesday evening.

The major change came when Boris Johnson announced during a daily televised coronavirus briefing that whilst people ideally should keep to the 2-metre social distancing where it's possible, however, a new "one metre plus" rule would be introduced where it wasn't possible. This paves the way for a whole host of leisure venues to reopen, including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers.

Theatres, museums, cinemas, libraries, theme parks and zoos are among other businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries that will also be allowed to reopen.  

The new rules coming into force on 4 July will see:

Pubs, bars and restaurants open - but only with a table service indoors, and they would have to record their patrons contact details to help in the event of contact tracing if an infection occurs.

Hotels open.

Holiday apartments open.

Bed and Breakfasts open

Holiday cottages open

Campsites open.

Caravan Parks open.

Museums open

Theatres and music halls open - but no live performances at this stage.

Galleries open

Funfairs open

Adventure parks open

Skating rinks open

Amusement arcades open

Zoos open

Safari parks open

Aquariums open

Libraries open

Bingo halls open

Social clubs open

The UK's 14-day quarantine period is currently under review and according to part of the media, could be relaxed as early as 6 July,  to go along with the general relaxation of lockdown rules. Whilst there is no official word, various ministers have been briefing certain journalists that a relaxation was on the way. 

“Today we can say that our long, national hibernation is beginning to come to an end,” Boris Johnson said.  

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