Sunday, 22 March 2020

Southwest further reduces services

Recently, the US low-cost-carrier Southwest implemented a plan to reduce capacity by at least 20 percent for the time period from April 14 through June 5, 2020. That difficult decision was driven by the drop in travel demand in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

On Friday, Southwest made the tough decision to further revise our schedule by cancelling approximately 1,000 of our almost 4,000 daily flights from today, Sunday, March 22, 2020 until the previously revised schedule begins on April 14, 2020. We sincerely regret any inconvenience to our Customers and our Employees.

During this unprecedented time, we will continually assess the real-time, market demand for Southwest's service with the goal of cancelling flights that have alternate flight or route options and that affect the fewest number of Customers. Additionally, we'll implement the cancellations on a rolling, multiple-day basis to provide Customers with advance notice of changes and alternate flight options.

International Service Changes

These cancellations also capture our decision to suspend service to all of our international destinations at the end of the operating day on Sunday, March 22, 2020. We've made this decision due to the number of governments restricting air travel across their borders, as well as guidance from the United States government, and we hope to resume normal operations to our international destinations on Monday, May 4, subject to change.

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