Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Korean Air cutting flights as it battles for survival

The Coronavirus is being strongly felt in the Asia Pacific region,  particularly hard hit is South Korea with at least 7,513 confirmed cases.  The national airline Korean Air has had to take drastic measures and has axed around 80% of its international flights over the next few weeks, now the CEO Woo Kee-hong has issued a stark warning to staff that the airline may not survive.

In a letter to employees he said, the airline couldn't predict how long the crisis would last, "But if the situation continues for a longer period, we may reach the threshold where we cannot guarantee the company's survival," in the message to staff memo Woo Kee-hong also stated "We have gone through numerous difficulties for the past 51 years, and I'm confident that we will overcome this crisis together,"

In a press statement, the airline said the memo was designed to express to staff the severity of the situation and to encourage more understanding of the cuts in capacity. 

Full list of cancelled flights. 

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