Wednesday, 5 February 2020

120 injured as Pegasus plane skids off runway in Istanbul

Photo AFP

A Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 Has skidded off the runway at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport injuring 120 people according to local media sources.
The jet skidded off the runway and then broke into three pieces and a small fire was quickly extinguished by the airport's emergency responders. 
The flight in from Izmir jet was carrying 171 passengers and 6 crew members at the time of the incident. The Turkish Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said the aircraft failed to decelerate after a rough landing. He also said that the two pilots, a Turkish national and a South Korean, had also bee injured in the crash and had not yet spoken to authorities. It isn't known currently the severity of the flight deck crews conditions, however, some local media reports them as being in a serious condition. 
According to local media, the aircraft was landing in heavy rain with strong tailwinds Turkish media reports said.
Video footage shared on social media shows dazed passengers climbing through one of the large cracks in the aircraft's fuselage to escape down one of the crafts wings. In other images and videos, scores of rescue workers can be seen working around the broken aircraft.
Photo Reuters
 The budget carrier has a poor record of aircraft running off runways,   a 737 landing from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates also skidded off the runway at the same airport on 7th January this year. In January 2018 another 737 skidded off the runway and partially own a cliff at Trabzon Airport.

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