Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Sheremetyevo Is the Most Punctual Airport in the World: OAG

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the most punctual major airport in the world, according to OAG, the British aviation research company that has analyzed aviation since 1929.

OAG compared Sheremetyevo with other airports serving in the Mega Airports category, those handling more than 30 million seats per year on regular departures. Flights at Sheremetyevo arrived and departed on time at a rate of 87% in 2019.

This was the first year Sheremetyevo Airport led the OAG punctuality rating in the new Mega Airports category.  It was the most punctual airport in the world in the Major Airports category—airports with an annual volume of 20 to 30 million departing passengers—in 2018.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors for MASH JSC, Alexander Ponomarenko, said, "We are especially pleased that leading international experts rated the punctuality of Sheremetyevo Airport so highly. We are constantly improving the quality of service for passengers arriving in and departing from Sheremetyevo. This recognition is direct evidence of the effectiveness of our work in this area."

Sheremetyevo Airport is the busiest airport in Russia. In 2019, its passenger flow reached a record high of 49.7 million, an increase of 11% compared to 2018.

Sheremetyevo Airport achieved its strong performance in punctuality largely due to the effective cooperation among the airport, airlines and air traffic control authorities. Sheremetyevo was the first airport in Russia to develop and implement a joint decision-making system with airlines (A-CDM), using its own innovative production database, called Synchron. The A-CDM system can significantly reduce aircraft taxiing time and save airlines hundreds of thousands of tons of jet fuel annually.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of the TOP-10 airport hubs in Europe and the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and freight traffic. At the end of 2018, the airport served 45.8 million passengers, 14.3% more than in 2017. At the end of 2018, Sheremetyevo was rated best in quality of service among airports in Europe with a passenger flow of more than 40 million a year by the ASQ ACI program and was cited as one of the best airports in the world by the International Council of Airports. The British company Stasher rated it as the best airport in the world. It holds the highest 5-star rating by Skytrax.

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