Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Brazil's GOL expects Boeing 737 Max to be flying in April

GOL the Brazilian low-cost carrier expects to have some of its Boeing 737 Max back in the air by April this year according to the carriers chief financial officer.

The airline has an order for around 130 of grounded jets is currently in deep negotiations with Boeing over a compensation deal that will include a cash payout, spare parts, reduction of deposit costs and help with further training for flight crews. Chief Financial Officer Richard Lark said the carrier hopes to secure the deal within a few months. 

Lark expects its seven grounded jets in Brazil to be flying in April and the airline to be flying 23 or 24 of the jets by the end of the year.  If all goes well it should then take delivery of 12 each year thereafter.  On Tuesday, Lark told the media that “within a short period of time” after the US regulators - the  FAA declares the aircraft safe to fly and airworthy the Brazillian authorities would follow suit. 

There is less customer reticence to fly the 737 Max in Brazil according to Lark because there had been less publicity about the crashes and the shortcomings of both Boeing and the FAA in the airworthiness certification process and rushed production. But GOL would work hard to reassure the travelling public “You will see owners and executives flying the aircraft with their families - things like that,” he said.

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