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new documentary film into a tragic air crash and a family's hunt for answers that would lead to a court battle with the NTSB

A compelling and in-depth documentary into a tragic crash
and the hunt for answers 

At 2340 on Thursday, April 20, 2006, a Cessna 206 crashed while on final approach to Bloomington/Monroe County Airport in Indiana.  The small plane was carrying five people, all perished in the crash, including the 24-year-old pilot, Georgina Joshi.

Georgina Joshi was born in Elkhart, Indiana and adored music from an early age. It is fair to say she was musically advanced for her age, when she was just two she starting taking violin lessons. She loved to sing, taking part in musicals throughout her childhood. She joined the South Bend Chamber Singers as a high school student and studied at the Royal College of Music in London, England, followed by Indiana University in Bloomington.  Joshi was a rising star in the opera world, enjoying a fantastic technique and a stunning voice combined with a commanding stage presence, her future was assured and golden. Yet, all that talent, all that that promise, was snuffed out in that fatal crash in April 2006.

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Invisible Sky tells the story of that crash and the subsequent investigation in the crash and the resulting legal battle with the National Transportation Safety Board that went all the way to the Federal Court of Appeals.

There are over 1,000 private aeroplane crashes in the US each year, yet the agency continues to focus on commercial aviation and there have been few, if any reforms to reduce that number. Invisible Sky hopes to change that with Georgina’s story and raising awareness about the agency’s lack of regulation.

The film's website,, has more details of the story and the film, with its trailer that premiered on October 21st, which would've been Georgina's 38th birthday. The film is in consideration at festivals around the world. 

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