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Aeroflot holds final Public Council meeting of 2019

Aeroflot holds final Public Council meeting of 2019

On 25th November 2019 the Russian airline Aeroflot's Public Council today held its final meeting of 2019.  The meeting was chaired by Boris Rybak, General Director of Infomost Consulting. 

The main item on the agenda was flight punctuality. During the meeting the council reviewed the results of the initiatives aimed at improving flight punctuality. In 2017, Aeroflot ranked 26th in Europe by punctuality. The performance was significantly improved due to stricter compliance with previously existing protocols: completing check-in 40 minutes prior to departure and boarding 20 minutes prior to departure. In just over a year, Aeroflot became one of the leading airlines by punctuality. 

The airline's improved performance is regularly recognised by leading trade publications. According to the FlightStats OPS Awards, organised by the authoritative British magazine Flight Global, in 2018, 82.98% of all Aeroflot flights operated on schedule, allowing the airline to take the fifth position globally and second position in Europe.  This summer, Aeroflot was granted the highest five-star rating for punctuality from the world's leading provider of travel data and insight, OAG. According to OAG, between June 2018 and May 2019 Aeroflot operated 84.7% of all its flights on schedule. The Company continues to improve its performance according to OAG On-Time Performance monthly reports. OAG reports that Aeroflot ranked first by punctuality in September and October 2019 among world’s top 20 airlines. In October 2019, Aeroflot operated 89.8% of its flights on schedule.

Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev noted: "We do our best to make sure all our flights are comfortable and arrive on schedule. By strictly sticking to schedule we benefit both our passengers and Aeroflot itself. The more time an aircraft spends in the air, the cheaper it is for passengers to fly. Accessible air transportation is crucial to Russian citizens. The Public Council helps us protect the interests of our passengers by providing us feedback from a wide pool of citizens and helping us work out solutions that benefit our customers."

The Council also discussed two important dates in the Company's history. In October 2019, Aeroflot celebrated 30 years of IATA membership. By joining IATA, Aeroflot has driven a large-scale consolidation of the Russian and global airline industry. Today, Aeroflot plays an active role in IATA. Digital transformation of the whole industry is one of IATA's key priorities. As an airline that ranks fourth by digitalization among the world's leading carriers, Aeroflot can contribute greatly to achieving this goal. IATA's official mission is to develop global civil aviation and serve its interests. Aeroflot pursues the same goal within Russia and is actively involved in promotion of IATA’s innovative solutions in the Russian market. Vitaly Saveliev gave a brief overview of IATA's projects that Aeroflot plans to participate in.

During the meeting the Council also reviewed the results of Pobeda's activity - Aeroflot Group's low-cost carrier. In December 2019, Pobeda will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Since its first flight five years ago Pobeda has become a very popular airline that has carried over 29 million passengers. Members of the Public Council noted Pobeda's role in increasing the accessibility of air transport in Russia and mobility of the Russian population. 

The Public Council of Aeroflot is a consultative and advisory body. It was founded in 2014 and since then helps the company maintain dialogue with society and respond to its needs. Members of Aeroflot’s Public Council work free of charge. They include representatives of business, media, public organizations, professional associations, culture and sports.

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