Thursday, 22 August 2019

Boeing thinks the 737 Max aircraft will be back in the air from October.

The US planemaker Boeing is confirmed it is recruiting a few hundred extra employees on a temporary basis at the airport where it is storing some of the new grounded 737 Max aircraft as it expects to get them back in the air in October.

According to the firm, these new employees will assist with maintenance and delivery preparations at Grant County International Airport.  It's the second statement this week from Boeing indicating it believes the type will once again get rise to the skies this October or “early fourth quarter”.

Some American customers have started to reintroduce the 737 Max to their autumn and winter schedules before it has been declared airworthy and safe to fly by global aviation safety regulators. Other airlines, like Icelandair, have dropped the type from their plans until the end of the year.

While some have high hopes the 737 Max will be back in the air for October, many others have huge doubts as some aviation safety regulators around the world have not seen any concrete proof that the Boeing software fixes have corrected the issues that lead to the two fatal crashes that instigated them to ground the jets, long before the US regulators followed suit.

"We've not seen anything that reassures us the type is ready to be reevaluated for an airworthiness certification." an FAA official told the US media on Tuesday.  A survey of 100 European 737 pilots found that 72% would not wish to command a 737 Max at the present time, whilst 80% would advise family members not to fly on the Max 8 and Max 9 variety. 

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