Monday, 13 May 2019

Viva Air Announces Investment By Cartesian Capital Group

Viva Air Announces Investment By Cartesian Capital Group

Viva Air Group is getting an equity capital injection of  $50 million from Cartesian Capital Group into Viva Air’s Procurement subsidiary. This innovative financing arrangement will support Viva’s pending deliveries of Airbus A320 aircraft as well as the growth in Colombia, Peru and beyond.

“The fact that an equity firm such as Cartesian selected Viva Air Group for investment confirms the huge progress we have made in recent years and the growth opportunities we have developed in the region and benefiting our growing passenger numbers year on year," said Felix Antelo, President and CEO of Viva Air.

Viva Air is based in Colombia and Peru and operates national and international flights in more than 21 destinations. In 2019 the airline will carry 7.5 million passengers. Viva Air has a strong expansion plan supported by the order of 50 new aircraft Airbus A-320 CEO and NEO.

“We are delighted to have found a partner with the level of experience and caliber of Cartesian Capital Group, a globally known engaged investor, whom not only adds capital, but also brings knowledge and experience and it is a huge vote of confidence in our company and business,” said John Goode, Senior Partner of Irelandia Aviation.

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