Saturday, 11 May 2019

Suicidal woman tries to open door of jet on finals to New York LaGuardia

A disturbed young woman on a Delta flight operated by Republic tried to open the front door of the aircraft as they began a descent into New York's LaGuardia Airport on Friday lunchtime, according to local media reports.

The lady was flying on DL5935 from Raleigh-Durham to the New York airport and apparently tried to open the door, screaming that she wanted to die around 13.30 on Friday afternoon. A fellow passenger on the flight, Stacy Herbert, took to Twitter to say "A young woman in perhaps her early twenties became suicidal and tried to open the door of plane as we descended into LGA. Her father pulled her from the door. She was screaming her head off that she needed to open the door and die."

Then  Herbert complains to Delta that she had to give statements to the police, "Delta 5935. We are trapped on tarmac having to give statements." after the passenger had been restrained and the aircraft landed safely. The young woman was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. 

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