Monday, 15 April 2019

US President Donald Trump gives Boeing advice - 'rebrand' the 737 Max jet

Photo  Reuters/Lindsey Wasson
The US President Donald Trump used his favourite form of communication on Monday morning to give a bit of advice to the US plane-maker Boeing over its grounded jets the 737 Max 8 and 9.

Using Twitter the US president said  "What do I know about branding, maybe nothing (but I did become President!), but if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name. No product has suffered like this one. But again, what the hell do I know?"

The tweet has drawn scorn from many in the industry, not least those inside the Boeing headquarters in Chicago, who indicate that a rebranding of the troubled 737 Max aircraft was not on the horizon.  "It would be virtually impossible to rebrand the type completely, the whole range of Boeing's commercial aircraft have enjoyed the 7 _ 7 branding and numbering,  some planes have become iconic and globally known, like the Queen of the skies - the 747. Plus of course,  there are thousands of other variants of 737's flying today, so it is not like Boeing could withdraw the name/number 737 completely.  Plus the firm has 737 Max 10's which are still allowed to be flown, so a rebranding of the 737 Max would effect that." Our chief aviation correspondent, Jason Shaw said on Monday morning. "Even with a rebranding, the majority of air travellers are far more aware and astute, they will know it was a 737 Max jet before any possible rebrand and they will know it was a 737 Max jet after as well."


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