01 March, 2019

The latest arrival at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport isn't an aircraft.....but a tank!

International airports often have a wide variety of vehicles for a wide variety of tasks, but Moscow's Domodedovo Airport has gone one step further.  It has obtained an armoured recovery vehicle (BREM-1), which has been developed from a T-72 tank. 

The special machines were custom-built by Rostec’s UralVagonZavod and Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the first in Russia to acquire a civilian version of the vehicle.  “These new custom vehicles can conduct recovery works requiring drawing force more than 125 tons and tow a jumbo jet”, said Igor Borisov, the Director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Machine’s mass amounts to 41 tons. BREM-1 comes with a full-circle boom crane with 12 tons lifting capacity as well as a loading platform to accommodate containers with instruments, appliances and spare parts. What is more, the vehicle holds special electric equipment for welding and cutting steel. 

According to the Industrial Director at Rostec Sergey Abramov,  “Our partnership with Moscow Domodedovo Airport shows that military developments have great potential for civilian use. BREM-1 possesses all the necessary technical features to evacuate and tow aircraft of all kinds,” - highlighted Mr. Abramov. Rostec’s representative expressed confidence that other Russian airports will follow Domodedovo’s example soon enough. 

BREM-1’s crew consists of two Domodedovo’s airfield specialists. They have already received proper training. 

BREM-1’s purchase is a part of airfield services' technological modernization. Earlier this year the airport renewed rescue equipment. These latest facilities enable to lift and stabilize an aircraft skidded off a runway or a bearing track or with defective or missing landing gear and to tow it. Moscow Domodedovo Airport meets all ICAO and IATA requirements. 

Moscow Domodedovo Airport conducts ongoing emergency preparedness exercises to ensure proper operation of hub’s services. Both government agency representatives and our partners traditionally oversee training processes. 

(Images from Moscow Domodedovo Airport)