Friday, 29 March 2019

14 new Hyatt hotels to open in India in the next two years

Hyatt Regency Chennai                Photo Hyatt Hotels 
One of the worlds leading hotel chains, Hyatt Hotels is embarking on a massive expansion programme in India which will see the group add an extra 2,100 guestrooms through the opening of more than 14 new hotels in the next two years!

Hyatt advises the expansion will include the larger capital cities, but an emphasis will be on leisure and cultural destinations, with a focus on emerging cities within India.

This massive expansion includes hotels in eight new markets in the country, taking the Hyatt brand across 27 cities in the growing nation over the next 24 months.  “Hyatt is one of the longest-running international hotel management brands in India, the first Hyatt hotels in India opened over 30 years ago,” said Dhruva Rathore, vice president development-India, Hyatt. “Our heritage and experience in this complex market, paired with the strong relationships we hold with local developers and owners has helped make India one of the top three growth markets for Hyatt globally.”

Planned openings during 2019:

Hyatt Regency Kochi Malayattoor (Q2 2019)Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort (Q3 2019)Hyatt Regency Thrissur (Q3 2019)Grand Hyatt Gurgaon (Q4 2019)

Planned opening in 2020:

Hyatt Place Bangalore Urbana (Q3 2019)Hyatt Regency Jaipur MansarovarHyatt Regency DehradunHyatt Place VadodaraHyatt Regency TrivandrumHyatt Place Jaipur Malviya NagarHyatt Regency Udaipur

“For Hyatt, India has a high growth potential and remains a market where we can expand our brand representation. Being focused on intentional growth gives us a unique edge as Hyatt can differentiate by having the right assets in its portfolio,” said Sunjae Sharma, vice president operations-India, Hyatt. “We look forward to collaborating with owners who want personal, flexible relationships and to stand out in a slightly overcrowded market. Most importantly, we want to be where our guests are travelling, and our growth strategy is in line with their preferred destinations.”

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