Monday, 14 January 2019

Lion Air crash black box found

Officials from the Indonesian search and rescue have found and retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the Lion Air Boeing 737 that crashed killing 189 people in October 2018.

The rescue teams also found human remains at the same location in the Java Sea local officials have confirmed. However, the bright orange cockpit voice recorder had broken in two when it was located in around 165ft or 50m away from where the fight data recorder black box had been found in November. 

It is hoped that the recorder will help to provide crucial insights into the last moments of flight JT610, to help pinpoint what went wrong and how much the faulty equipment on the latest Boeing 737 model contributed to the crash.    

The Indonesian navy confirmed the recorder had been damaged and had been found in water that was approximately 321ft / 98m  deep and was buried in mud said to be 8th down.  A spokesperson from the navy confirmed that a weak signal from the recorder had been detected several days ago and was slowly retrieved.