Thursday, 20 December 2018

Third Challenger 650 jet for Swiss Air-Rescue service.

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega completes new air ambulance fleet with the delivery of third Bombardier Challenger 650 business jet

The Canadian manufacturing firm Bombardier has delivered a third Challenger 650 aircraft to Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, completing a next-generation fleet of air ambulances tasked with rescuing and repatriating Swiss citizens around the world.

Rega, a long-standing Bombardier customer, took possession of two other Challenger 650 aircraft earlier in 2018. This trio of aircraft replaces Rega’s Challenger 604 fleet, and demonstrates the non-profit foundation’s commitment to the renowned Bombardier Challenger platform. “It is with the utmost confidence and pride that we deliver a third Challenger 650 aircraft to our partners at Rega,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Confidence because we know these aircraft have the reliability that is so important when lives are on the line, and pride to see the Challenger platform configured into the world’s most advanced air ambulance.”

The three Challenger 650 aircraft, with their wide cabins, were specially outfitted with two state-of-the-art intensive care units including two patient beds. Swiss Air-Rescue Rega is a non-profit foundation and one of the world's pioneers in aeromedical evacuation. In addition to repatriating patients from abroad with three ambulance jets, Rega carries out air-rescue operations in Switzerland with a fleet of 17 helicopters. Rega acquired its first Challenger aircraft from Bombardier in 1982 and has operated Challenger aircraft ever since.

The financially troubled Bombardier is still looking for a buyer for its business jet business, after selling off its commercial aviation divisions to Viking and Airbus. Two well known Biz Jet manufacturers were belived to be interested in the programme from Bombardier earlier in the year. However, both have since dropped out of the running to take on the business, leaving Bombardier with the prospect of looking at other options to cut losses and debts.  

The Challenger 650 aircraft has the cabin size, flexibility, range and dependability to be the next generation of a proven life-saving platform

Long-standing Bombardier customer Rega now has three specially configured, high-performing Challenger 650 aircraft to carry out urgent medical evacuations

With the highest wing loading of any aircraft in its class, the Challenger 650 aircraft provides an exceptionally smooth ride that benefits passengers receiving medical care, minimizes pilot fatigue and extends the life of mission equipment
Bombardier has chosen Accenture to help it further streamline procurement processes and reduce costs associated with the purchase of a wide range of indirect goods and services around the world. The objective of the initiative is to generate millions of dollars in sustainable savings over the next five years.

Accenture will use its source-to-pay and operations-as-a-service capabilities to help Bombardier implement more intelligent and efficient purchasing of indirect goods and services – those supporting the company’s internal operations, as opposed to goods and services used in the manufacturing and production of its products. Accenture’s end-to-end, globally integrated capabilities will help Bombardier enhance its automation opportunities, increase operating efficiencies, mitigate risks, reduce duplicative processing and improve corporate compliance.