Thursday, 20 December 2018

India will need 2300 new jets in the next 20 years

India is going to need a heck of a lot of new aircraft says the US planemaker, Boeing. indeed the company has upped its forecast for the nation as domestic passenger traffic rapidly rises.

The firm that's in the process of taking over the Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer, says the demand is so great in India the country will need 2,300 new jets over the next 20 years.  "To meet this increased domestic air traffic growth, we see the vast majority of available aeroplane seats coming from LCCs," said Keskar. "The success of this market segment will mean more than 80% of all new airplane deliveries in India will be single-aisles. And the superior economics and fuel efficiency of the new 737 MAX aeroplane will be the perfect choice for Indian carriers."

According to Boeing India's commercial aviation industry has achieved 51 consecutive months of double-digit growth, which is really impressive. This growth is matched in other sectors of the country's economy and apparently, more than 10 million passengers travelled within India each month this year.  Yet, three major Indian airlines are in dire financial straits, one may not even last long enough to see the end of next month if no new money is parachuted in to rescue it.
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