Thursday, 30 August 2018

The first A380 for ANA rolls out

European planemaker Airbus has rolled out the first A380 double-decker for All Nippon Airways ANA from the final assembly line at its main production centre of Toulouse.  

This is the first of three of the type ordered by ANA in 2016 and will now undergo various ground tests in preparation for its first flight in the coming weeks.  Once those have been completed the mega aeroplane will then head off to Hamburg for cabin installation and painting.

ANA can expect this first A380 to arrive during the first part of 2019 and it will be deployed on the popular Tokyo-Honolulu route initially after crew familiarisation flights. 

Offering more personal space than any other aircraft, the A380 is the most efficient solution to meeting growth on the world’s most heavily travelled routes, carrying more passengers with fewer flights at lower cost and emissions.

To date, Airbus has delivered 229 A380s, with the aircraft now in services with 14 airlines worldwide.