Wednesday, 15 August 2018

American Airlines A321 turns back for engine issue

An American Airlines flight AA1668 from Charlotte to Chicago had to turn back earlier today following an engine malfunction that caused sparks to fly according to passengers on the flight.

The Airbus A321-231 registration N981UY took off on Wednesday morning on a routine flight to Chicago's O'Hare airport, "As we took off from Charlotte, there was a rattling and shaking on the plane,” Jesse Batson a passenger on the flight told local media, “It was a very bumpy take-off.”

Batson went on to say that the passenger seated next to him at the window as well as others on the flight spotted sparks from the engine on the right side of the aircraft. He then recalled how the pilot used the PA system to advise the passengers there had been a stall in the number 2 engine, it still continued to run but the flight was going to return to Charlotte as a precaution.

Another passenger on the American Airlines flight, Mark Ponder told Channel 9 news that shortly after take-off, the plane tilted to the right and loud noises could be heard. "You could hear it popping," he said, "As we went up in the air, I could hear large noises and almost immediately you can see flames coming from the engine."

It is believed the pilot declared an emergency after shortly after returned to the airport and reported to air traffic control that he did not see a fire but requested fire officials to meet the plane on the tarmac and follow to the apron as a precaution.

There are no reports of any injuries to passengers or crew on the A321.