Sunday, 15 July 2018

Miracle Flights Announces Strong Start to Fiscal Year 2019

Miracle Flights, the leading US medical flight charity, reported this week its latest figures, 1,216 free flights provided to sick children since the start of its new fiscal year May 1. Established in 1985, the Las Vegas–based national nonprofit organization has to date provided more than 118,000 free flights and flown over 66 million miles to help children with rare and life-threatening illnesses gain access to specialized medical care far from home.

In June, Miracle Flights also celebrated its 33rd year of service by hosting a private event for community partners, supporters and families from the Las Vegas community and around the country who have benefitted from Miracle Flights' assistance.

Also present was Miracle Flights founder, Ann McGee, who established the charity to fulfil what she recognized as an unmet need in Southern Nevada for coordinated aviation services that could improve access to quality medical care for critically ill children—specifically children whose families could not afford the high costs of commercial airline tickets.

Said Miracle Flights CEO Mark E. Brown, "What started as only a handful of flights each month for local kids has grown into a national effort that flies children from all corners of the country. To have a number of those families here to celebrate our anniversary—and to see how Miracle Flights has positively impacted their lives—is both humbling and encouraging as we usher in a new year of service."

Among the Miracle Flight families in attendance was that of 8-year-old Sebastian from San Antonio, Tex. Sebastian suffers from a rare craniofacial condition called Treacher Collins syndrome and receives free air travel from Miracle Flights to Seattle Children's Hospital for specialized treatment.

"Sebastian was confined to a trach for most of his early childhood and could barely go outside. Since receiving life-changing surgeries in Seattle, he's become quite a soccer player and loves to swim," said Brown. "Hearing stories like Sebastian's, and seeing him so full of life, inspires us to keep expanding our mission and engaging more families who may need our support."

Miracle Flights provides domestic flights to all U.S.–based medical treatment facilities for any complex medical condition. To learn more about Miracle Flights, make a donation, refer a family or request a flight, visit