Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Spirit passengers face angry outburst from fellow passenger.

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight had to contend first with a diversion for a fellow passenger with a medical problem and then an irate and offensive outburst from another passenger for no apparent reason.

A Minneapolis headed flight made an emergency landing in Rochester, Minnesota because of a medical emergency, then a female passenger erupted in a fit of rage and launched a profanity-riddled tirade at other passengers and flight crew. 

Part of the woman's rant was camptured on video by a fellow passenger, Chianti Washington who posted the footage on social media, which has since been viewed by more than 1.2 million people. 

"She was yelling at the two gentlemen that were trying to block her -- it was very scary," Ms Washington told local media "She would just not stop, and as police escorted her off the aircraft continued to remain belligerent."

"All I could think about was the children on the aircraft -- I said a prayer.  - You just didn't know what she was going to do. We were very much scared and shaken by her behavior."

A spokesperson for Spirit Airlines said "Yesterday morning a flight from Houston to Minneapolis had to land in Rochester, Minnesota due to a Guest experiencing a medical emergency. On the ground in Rochester, another passenger became erratic and irate and was removed from the aircraft with the assistance of law enforcement. We apologize to our Guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay. Safety if our top priority at Spirit Airlines."