Saturday, 12 May 2018

“If I can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, neither can y’all,” Spirit Airlines passenger's vile rant

A vile foul-mouthed tirade from a disgruntled Spirit Airlines passenger went viral as she Facebook live streamed her aggressive and belligerent behaviour after she stormed an aircraft after being told boarded had closed. 

Safira Allen, aged 25 arrived late at the gate, after boarding had been completed and allegedly harangued the staff at the gate before storming down the jetway and board the Spirit Airlines flight from Atlanta to Le Vegas.

The aggressive Allen then filmed herself being asked to leave the flight by the flight crew and a security officer. She blamed Sprit for closing the boarding gate 20 minutes early and for the reason she was late to the gate, both allegations proved to be unfounded.

During her rants she claims to have paid some sort of fee to re-enter the plane, yet once onboard was told to leave,  “How you gonna close your airline early, make me miss my flight and tell me I gotta pay again? Once I pay, I get on the flight and they say, ‘You caused a disturbance.’” she blasts. However, an Atlanta Police Department report indicates she paid no fee and rushed by the staff at the gate.

During the video which has now been viewed more than 3.6 million times, Allen repeatedly uses foul language but then tried to claim she's innocent of such actions. “Y’all ain’t let the n*****r on this m****r f****r. They’re gonna have to put me off, because they’re gonna tell me I was cussing. I don’t even cuss. I’m orthodox. So what are you saying?”

The late-arriving passenger then calls the staff “terrorists”  saying “I’m not getting off this plane to negotiate with no terrorists,” Safira claims, referring to the responding officer. “Cause clearly, they’re the terrorists. They’re terrorising me in my own country.”

Her rants and bizarre attitude and behaviour continues for some time and after the other passengers on the aircraft were told they would have to get off the aircraft, Allen yelled “If I can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, neither can y’all,” as other passengers leave the aircraft, the 25-year-old is racially abusive and insulting to many of them. She also asserted that they would go to hell.

Allen was taken into custody, assaulted an officer and caused further disturbances and could face legal action over the incident. "From legal advisors in Georgia, other passengers that have missed connections or suffered hardship because of the delays and inconvenience caused by Ms Allen do appear to have grounds to take legal action against her." Our lead correspondent Jason Shaw said on Saturday. Spirit Airlines has refused to comment on the incident or if they would instigate legal action against Allen.