Thursday, 8 February 2018

Frontier Airlines Adds 35 New Routes, Four New Cities

The American low-cost airline Frontier Airlines is expanding rapidly, connecting more people in more places than ever before.

Just recently they announced a slew of new and continuing routes:-
Colorado Springs, Colo. To/from Atlanta (new)
Denver to/from Fort Myers (expanded to year-round)
Las Vegas to/from Raleigh-Durham (expanded to year-round)
Miami, Fla. To/from San Juan, P.R. (new)
Philadelphia to/from Dallas/Ft. Worth (new)
Philadelphia to/from Grand Rapids, Mich. (new)
Philadelphia to/from Indianapolis, Ind. (new)
Tulsa, Okla. to/from San Jose, Calif. (new)
Tulsa, Okla. To/from Washington-Dulles (new)
Now today they announced new service on 35 nonstop routes and added four new cities. “This additional 35 routes is further evidence of Frontier’s commitment to deliver on our mission to make air travel more affordable and accessible to 90 percent of America,” said Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial for Frontier Airlines. “We’re offering not only amazing low fares but a reliable and friendly service that allows customers to customize their travel experience to their needs and their budget. This empowers more people than ever to fly. This is what our Low Fares Done Right philosophy is all about.”

This announcement brings a number of notable milestones. Frontier moves to the top spot as largest carrier in Long Island, N.Y. in terms of destinations served (12). Moreover, the carrier moves will now be the second largest carrier in Austin (30), Denver (77), Raleigh-Durham (15), Jacksonville, Fla. (6), Philadelphia (27) and San Antonio (14) in a number of destinations served. Frontier will be the only airline serving Branson Airport. This announcement comes just a week after an announcement of nine additional routes that will also begin in April.

Frontier has added four new cities with this announcement and will begin offering Low Fares Done Right service this Spring to/from Birmingham, Ala.(April 11); Savannah/Hilton Head (May 1); Myrtle Beach, S.C. (May 20) and Branson, Mo.(June 13).

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Frontier flies one the youngest fleet in the industry consisting of Airbus A320 Family jet aircraft. With nearly 200 more new aircraft on order, Frontier will continue to grow and modernize its fleet to deliver on the mission to provide affordable travel across America. By 2026, the company will be in a position to deliver Low Fares Done Right to more than 50 million passengers a year. Frontier’s young fleet also ensures that the company will continue to keep fares low and that customers will enjoy a pleasant and reliable experience flying with the airline.

Frontier is focused on offering customers real choice and the ability to customize their travel to their needs and budget. For example, customers can purchase travel options like bags and seat selections either a la carte or in one low-priced bundle called the WORKSsm. The Works bundle is considered one of the best values in the industry and offers customers full refundability, a carry-on bag, a checked bag, the best available seat (including exit rows and Stretch seating), waived change fees and priority boarding for as low as $59 each way.

Please visit Frontier for a full list of the new routes.

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