Wednesday, 3 January 2018

BA to lease more Qatar Airways aircraft

Qatar Airways are coming to the rescue of British Airways yet again, although this time it isn't because of industrial action, but the lack of aircraft.

The British carrier has submitted another application to the UK regulator the CAA for the approval to wet lease six Qatar Airways Airbus A320 aircraft.  According to the application, submitted in December, BA will hire the aircraft and crews from Qatar between 9th February and 9th April to cover for the UK's carrier's own late arriving A320neo aircraft. 

Aircraft A7-LAA to A7-LAF are needed to complete British Airways spring schedule, although the exact routes the Qatar aircraft will operate has yet to be assigned.  And whilst British Airways may hope it won't have to rely on Qatar to wet lease aircraft to them for longer periods of time, it's good news for many BA passengers, as the Qatari aircraft are considered to be more comfortable and the crew more efficient and friendly than the ones they are replacing. 

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