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Airbus deliveries up for 15th year in a row but could the end be insight for the A380

Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft deliveries in 2017 were up for the 15th year in a row, reaching a new company record of 718 aircraft delivered to 85 customers. Deliveries were more than four percent higher than the previous record of 688 set in 2016. The 2017 total comprises 558 single-aisle A320 Family (of which 181 were A320neo – an increase of 166 percent over 2016); 67 A330s; 78 A350 XWBs (up by nearly 60 percent from 2016) and 15 A380s. Furthermore, to cap this resounding annual production achievement, Airbus achieved 1,109 net orders from 44 customers. At the end of 2017 Airbus’ overall backlog stood at 7,265 aircraft valued at US$1.059 trillion at list prices.

Fabrice Brégier, Airbus Chief Operating Officer and President Commercial Aircraft commented: “A new Airbus delivery record coupled with our fifth best order intake wraps up a remarkable year for us. This outstanding achievement is testimony to the dedication of all our teams, and makes the company fitter, stronger and ready for the opportunities ahead.”

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With this year’s performance, Airbus has steadily built on deliveries year on year – with 15 consecutive years of production increase. From its four A320 Family plants in Hamburg, Tianjin, Mobile, and Toulouse, Airbus is on track to achieve rate 60 per month on single-aisle by mid-2019. Meanwhile, the A350 XWB is equally on track for rate 10 by the end 2018. Airbus’ healthy order intake in 2017 resulted in a ‘book-to-bill’ ratio of 1.5.

There were many industrial milestones achieved by Airbus Commercial Aircraft in 2017, which included: delivery of the 100th A350 XWB; the delivery of the 50th A320 Family aircraft from our FAL in Mobile; delivery of Emirates’ 100th A380; first flight of the A330neo; certification of the A350-1000; first A321neos delivered with CFM and P&W engines; inauguration of the new A330 Completion and Delivery Centre in Tianjin, China, with two first deliveries; and structural completion of the first Beluga XL. On internationalisation, our partnership with China is expanding while our Americas footprint is equally extended. Moreover, in the provision of Services worldwide Airbus is significantly enhancing its local presence to be closer to its customers.

End of the line for the A380?

The manufacturer also indicated that the end of the production of the double decked Airbus A380 could be in sight, unless Emirates - the types largest operator orders more.  There are currently 12 A380's scheduled for completetion and delivery during 2018 - down from the 15 handed over in 2017.  The reduction continues in 2019 to 8 and further still during 2020 to just 6 frames.  The manufaturer says it can econommically maintain a production rate of between 6 - 8 aircraft per year after that as it searches out new markets or gets orders from already established customers. It is clear that Emirates are key to the long term future of the A380 programme, but if the European aircraft manufacturer cant work out a deal then, it looks incredibly likely that they will be forced to shut down the programme.

An Airbus aircraft takes-off or lands
somewhere in the world every 1.4 seconds. 

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