Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Illuminating Landing for Hawaiian Airlines flight in Seattle.

A Hawiian Airlines aircraft gave waiting passengers and airport staff a rather illuminating landing at Seattle -Tacoma International Airport in Seattle on Tuesday night when when one of the planes engines appeared to catch fire.

The dramatic moment was captured on video by passengers waiting in the terminal and clearly shows flames lighting up the night sky as aircraft lands.  

Hawaiian Airlines told local media the aircraft was perfoming a ferry flight, therefore had no passengers on-board at the time.  Their spokesperson explained the aircraft "experienced a left engine issue on final approach at Seattle tonight. A left engine fire reported upon landing was extinguished by the aircraft fire extinguishing system. 

The FAA are investigating the incident and commented initially the aeroplane "experienced a right engine flyer fire upon landing. The fire had already been extinguished by the time Fire crews arrived at the aircraft."

Apparently there were no issues or alarms during the flight and the issue only occured as the Airbus landed at the airport. One of the ground crew at Seattle told the local media it appeared to be a compressor stall, which is similar to a car backfiring, possibly caused by a birdstrike which are unusal at night, but do infrequently take place. 

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