Friday, 24 November 2017

EU to take a tough stance against British airlines after Brexit.

Media outlets in the UK and Germany are reporting a secret report has been compiled that indicates the European Union will be taking a tough stance on the United Kingdom's aviation industry upon Brexit. 

According to the report and a presentation document, the remaining members of the European Union have already begun getting ready for the future talks between negotiators for the UK and EU. However, there is no negotiation possible according to the leaked documents that the EU is demanding that the UK abide by all existing laws, rules, conventions and agreements in place in the EU if British airlines want to continue to operate in Europe. If the UK doesn't agree on any of those points then British Airlines would simply not be allowed to operate in the say way in the EU.

The leaked papers indicate that there is no 'wiggle' room or potential for 'bespoke' arrangements for the UK's aviation scene or indeed any potential for negotiation.