Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Thomas Cook Take Pilots To Court And Lose

Thomas Cook Airlines are so keen to work with the British Airline Pilots Association regarding the forthcoming strike and fractured relationship with staff, they took them to court.  

The expanding airline sought an injunction to prevent the unhappy pilots from taking the action scheduled for Friday. However, London’s High Court on this afternoon refused to block the industrial action.

A judge refused Thomas Cook’s request for an injunction to stop the strike,  “BALPA has always been confident in (last month‘s) decisive ballot result and was disappointed that Thomas Cook decided to challenge it legally rather than spending time and effort bringing an acceptable offer to the table,” Brian Strutton, BALPA General Secretary, said in a statement.

“However, we robustly defended our right to strike and the judge rejected Thomas Cook’s arguments about the wording of the ballot paper.”

This latest action by the airline has already further damaged the troubled relationship it has with staff as many saw the legal action as a direct attack on them and the democratic right to take industrial action.  The airline remains unrepentant “We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling and we will continue to work with BALPA representatives to come to an agreement on their pay claim,” Thomas Cook said in a statement.

The statement goes on to say "Our priority is to make sure all of our customers can still fly on holiday and back home with us during the strike period.”  which is rather misleading, as the airline had, many days ago already revised their flight schedule so that no flight needed to be cancelled or passengers left behind or stranded by the action.  

Pilots and cabin crew expanded a vast amount of good will during the changing of the flight schedule, with many being forced to work extra hours or had rest periods shortened.  Good will though is rapidly running out, "They have acted appallingly, we've been forced to work our day off, so now we're working back to back flights. Their attempt to halt the minimal industrial action is deplorable and has ensured we'll vote for much longer industrial action in future." one Thomas Cook pilot told us.

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