Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Kenya Airways passenger pushed to the floor by staff

A video widely shared on social media shows ground staff of African airline Kenya Airways verbally abusing and heckling a female passenger at Kotoka International Airport at Accra in Ghana.

The video shows a group of Kenya Airways staff in hi-viz vest surrounding a lady, voices are raised and then a male employee roughly pulls the passengers arm so she falls to the floor.  Watch the video below- 

Fellow passengers say that the flight was already two hours late at this stage with no apology or announcement given by the Kenya Airways staff.

“This woman said to the ground staff that it was 'Nkwasiasem' (nonsense)... that's what ended in her being ejected from the flight in this manner.

The hashtag #kenyaairwaysabuse. has been trending on Twitter as more passengers and flyers condemn the airline and its abuse of the passenger.

Kenya Airways issued a statement via facebook,  read more to see the video and read the Kenya Airways statement.

Our attention has been drawn to a video on social media showing a lady being heckled while attempting to board a Kenya Airways flight from Accra on 12th September 2017. We have immediately initiated investigations into the matter and will follow through to a fair and proper conclusion .
We have identified the lady in the video, retrieved her contact details and are currently making efforts to reach her.
Kenya Airways condemns all abusive and violent behavior and will continue to join the rest of the world to promote safety and respect in our society.  Kenya Airways

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