Wednesday, 9 August 2017

US Airlines Reduce Number of Bumped Off Passengers.

Following the horrendous public relations nightmare United faced after a video of one of their passengers being dragged off a flight went viral, it seems you're much less likely to get bumped off.

According to figures released by the American Transportation Department this week, only one in every 19,000 airline passengers was booted from an overbooked flight in the first six months of 2017.

This is the lowest number since the government started tracking the practice in 1995.  However, rather surprisingly whilst other airlines are drastically reducing the number of 'bumpings'  United still off loaded  1,064 passengers from January to June of this year!  That's despite the airlines new policy regarding not off loading of passengers on overbooking flights. It would therefore seem the giant American carrier was all talk at the time in order to get out of a public relations disaster the good doctors removal caused, yet in practice they've done very little. 

We asked United for a comment yesterday,  we're still waiting for a reply. 

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