Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Air Force Two Forces United Flight Diversion

A United Airlines flight was forced to divert after running low on fuel waiting for US Vice President Mike Pence to take off. 

The US Secret Service often throw up temporary flight restrictions when the President aircraft - Air Force One is arriving or departing an airport, however last Friday evening they did the same at Indianapolis for Air Force Two, that's the code name for any aircraft carrying the VP. 

United Express 3633 was heading to Indianapolis International Airport  from Chicago when they were told of the TFR, which meant they couldn't land at the airport, not until Mike Pence the US VP had departed.  

The flight circled for almost 20 minutes before its fuel began to drop beyond the minimum level and they had to divert to Dayton in Ohio, some 120 miles away.  The VP and air Force Two took off just fifteen minutes after the United flight had to divert. 

After refueling in Dayton the United flight eventually landed at Indianapolis at 9.51 pm local time, nearly two hours late, because Mike Pence wanted lunch in Indianapolis. 

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