Friday, 8 May 2015

United Sued Over TV

A New Jersey woman is suing United airlines for $5 million - because her in-flight TV wasn't working properly!

Cary David has issued a legal claim against United Airlines after paying for four hours of television yet only receiving a signal for the last 10 minutes of her journey.  In the lawsuit she says the airline failed to “disclose that the services will not work as advertised when the aircraft is outside the continental United States or is over water.”

The lawsuit against United Continental Holdings Inc alleges that she paid $7.99 for in-flight DirecTV on her February 21 return passage from Puerto Rico, which should have paid for her in-flight entertainment for the entire journey. Yet the TV failed to work, only starting at the end of her flight. 

The legal papers claim "All consumers who purchased DirecTV service or WiFi service on a DirecTV equipped plane from January 1, 2012 through and including the date a judgment is entered in this action, for a flight that flew outside of the continental United States or over water.”

United dismiss the claim saying "On our DirecTV-equipped planes, we clearly inform our passengers in writing on the screen before they confirm their purchase that ‘Live DIRECTV programming is not available while the aircraft is outside of the continental United States’ and that ‘Wi-Fi service is available over the continental US."

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