Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bye Bye Air Tran Airways

bwi-airport-jdl-3-2_32073Southwest Airlines will officially complete its integration of AirTran Airways tonight, just a little more than four years since announcing plans to acquire AirTran –

The last AirTran flight 001 lands at Tampa International Airport just before midnight tonight and this will be the last ever AirTran arrival.

There are some that will be glad, for many however it is a sad sad day. Scores of customer are not so happy to see the vaulted AirTran brand swallowed whole by Southwest.

In the two and a bit decades of existence, AirTran built up a significant presence within the U.S. aviation industry.

You can read about the backstory of AirTran and ValueJet on the new Airways magazine website, just click this link.

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