Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Helicopter Crashes Over London

helo crashBreaking news,  live from London.   Shortly after 8am this morning a helicopter, believed to be an Augusta 109 clipped the top of a crane and crashed down onto the road below engulfing in a fireball.  So far there are no reports of casualties either from the helicopter or on the ground, although early indications are that up to three cars have been caught up on the following fire.
The London Fire Brigade said it had received multiple calls of a helicopter hitting a crane in the Vauxhall area,  not far from the Battersea helicopter centre.  Eyewitness's have reported seeing the helicopter clipping a crane on top of a building under construction and then plummeted straight into the ground before it burst into a ball of flame as the aviation caught alight.
Police sources said they first received calls at 08:00 this morning, London Ambulance Service confirmed it had sent a number of paramedic units to the scene.
It was a misty morning in central London and the building the helicopter hit has been shrouded in mist for some time.  The crane at the top of the building was now hanging down the side of the building, and is now being treated as a second scene by the emergency services.
There are believed to be three cars involved on the ground and at this stage it is unclear if the occupants managed to escape before flames took hold.  Early reports indicate that the helicopter was an Augusta A109 with no passengers on-board, being flown by one pilot.

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