Monday, 9 May 2011

Two Air New Zealand Flights Hit Power Trouble;e.


Two Air NZ flights hit engine trouble (Source: ONE News)

  • Two Air New Zealand Jet’s have engine problems.

The Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed there will be an investigation after two Air New Zealand planes were forced to make emergency landings yesterday.

One of the flights was on its way from Auckland to Wellington when the pilots were forced to shut down the right-hand engine after discovering it had low oil pressure.

The plane made an emergency landing at Hamilton Airport about 10:30am yesterday, with 95 passengers on board.

Engineers in Hamilton found evidence of oil leaking from the engine.

The engine will be removed from the plane in the next few days and moved to Auckland for further investigation.

The second flight from Gisborne to Auckland, operated by Eagle Air, was forced to return to Gisborne after pilots noticed incorrect power readings from the left hand engine.

Air New Zealand confirmed today the plane's captain shut down that engine as a precaution to prevent any possible damage.

The aircraft has been inspected, tested and is back in service after the engine was found to be without fault.


There were nine passengers onboard the flight.

CAA spokesman Bill Sommer says Air New Zealand will be obliged to carry out an investigations into the two separate incidents, along with the CAA.

Sommer said the CAA will wait and see the results of these investigations before it looks further into the matter.

The investigation process should take a few days.

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