Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Boeing marketer also promises fall 787 delivery

Boeing will deliver its first 787 jet in third-quarter 2011 and roll out two of the long-delayed new planes each month after that, a company executive said Tuesday in the Chilean capital. Latin America is an important market for Boeing, with 11,000 company jets flying in the region and requests pending for 3,400 more. Chile in particular is a hot spot, as Chilean airline LAN merges with Brazil's TAM airline to become the region's dominant carrier. The merged company, LATAM, has ordered 26 of the big new 787s, which are the company's biggest, said Boeing's Vice President for Marketing Randy Tinseth. Boeing's manufacturing delays have caused difficulties for the world's biggest airlines, Tinseth acknowledged, but he said the deliveries should help the aircraft maker's credibility recover. In all, Boeing has received 835 requests from 56 companies for its 787s, he said. Boeing also is coming out with new 747s for cargo and passenger travel this year, he said. -

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