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02 October, 2023

WestJet Group to move all Sunwing's 737 jets to WestJet within a year.

The WestJet Group has set out a targeted timeline for the integration of Sunwing Airlines into WestJet Airlines and to complete a move of all the Boeing 737 jets from Sunwing to WestJet by the end of October 2024.

Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Executive Officer, of the WestJet Group said:  "As we execute upon our network strategy to serve the Canadian leisure market from coast-to-coast, we look forward to consolidating Sunwing Airline's 737 aircraft, with that of WestJet's, enhancing our ability to meet the diverse travel and product needs of all Canadians.  Integration work will prioritize a seamless transition for Sunwing's customers and employees as we work together to bring enhanced sun and leisure offerings to communities across the country and ensure jobs for those transferring to WestJet from Sunwing Airlines."

As the proceeding integration of Swoop will be fully completed by October 28, 2023, the WestJet Group will integrate Sunwing Airlines with the same commitment to delivering a reliable guest and employee experience. The planned activity has no impact on Sunwing Vacations Group and its associated vacation brands.

With safety, people and guests at the forefront, the complex nature of the integration, as well as the involvement of multiple valued stakeholders, including Transport Canada, Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) and labour partners, the targeted completion of integration will remain flexible, as necessary while the airline works productively with these groups on timelines and details.  

Independent analysts indicate the move will cost at least 45 jobs at the group. 

26 September, 2023

WestJet Group CEO visits Ottawa, highlighting service improvements, coast-to-coast growth and calls for shared accountability and reconsideration of APPR reforms

Chief Executive Officer, Alexis von Hoensbroech updates parliamentarians on policy priorities to improve travel in light of industry concerns

WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer, Alexis von Hoensbroech, this week, is meeting with key government officials and parliamentarians to provide an update on the airline's successful summer performance. Alongside record-setting demand, that surpassed pre-pandemic levels, the WestJet Group maintained stable operations, delivering upon its commitment to meaningful improvements.

WestJet Summer Performance

"Following the pandemic, as travel demand returned in full force, the aviation industry faced immense challenges and WestJet was not immune. We responded to these hurdles with a commitment to do better, investing in our guests, our people and technology across all touchpoints of the travel journey, to safeguard travel plans and enhance our operational resiliency," says Alexis von Hoensbroech WestJet Group, Chief Executive Officer. "This summer we've demonstrated that we have collectively improved and are taking major strides to rebuild trust among our guests through our operational performance."

Bolstering its commitment to guests, WestJet demonstrated significant progress in delivering a reliable guest experience this summer, improving its on-time performance by seven per cent, baggage handling performance by 54.2 per cent and hiring over 2000 employees across Canada in 2023, to further support its operation.

Advocating for Shared Accountability

Following a successful season of demonstrated stability and improved performance amongst all industry players, von Hoensbroech addresses the growing consensus and concern amongst industry stakeholders surrounding the proposed Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) reforms, emphasizing the need for shared accountability.

Von Hoensbroech further speaks to the need to resolve the Canadian Transport Agency's (CTA) complaint backlog, as currently thousands of cases await a final decision by the federal regulator, with many WestJet guests waiting over 18 months for a response. Conversely, WestJet is required to respond to all APPR claims within 30 days.

"We've heard from our guests that there are too many loopholes under the current Air Passenger Protection Regulations and we agree," continues von Hoensbroech. "Currently, airlines are the only service provider within the air travel ecosystem that are held accountable to their failures. This results in confusion and frustration for our guests when their travel doesn't go as planned as a result of missteps by any other service provider within the aviation industry."

In order to improve travel across Canada, von Hoensbroech is recommending the following policy priorities for parliamentarians to consider:

  1. Strengthen and amend Bill C52 to ensure any entity whose operations result in delays and cancels have clear performance metrics, communication and equal compensation requirements to that of airlines.
  2. Review and address the growing consensus that APPR reforms, if realized, would:
      1. Contradict Canada's aviation safety culture
      2. Negatively impact regional connectivity and air fares in Canada
      3. Diminish progress made across Canada's recovering and now stable aviation industry.
  3. Clear the complaint backlog at the CTA by imposing an equal service standard to that of airlines, which requires airlines to provide a response within 30 days, to ensure guests do not wait 18 months for resolution.

 "We accept and remain accountable to compensating our guests when we are at fault for impacting their travel journey, however, to ensure meaningful improvements for our guests, APPR must provide a shared accountability framework and a service standard that results in the timely resolution of all complaints," says von Hoensbroech.

Coast-to-coast growth

Emerging from a record setting summer, the WestJet Group is only gaining momentum as it executes upon its new strategy to affordably increase Canada's connectivity from coast-to-coast and cement its position as the country's leading leisure airline.

With the integration of Swoop, the WestJet Group's ultra-low-cost-carrier concluding its integration into WestJet as of October 28, and the further integration of Sunwing Airlines, the Group's expanding scale will significantly enhance its ability to provide affordability and choice to its guests, while bolstering its ability to provide meaningful career opportunities. By leveraging the ultra-low fare products pioneered by Swoop and affordable vacation packages offered by Sunwing Vacations, the WestJet Group will harness a newfound ability to provide ultra-affordable fares and increased affordable vacation packages across Canada through the entirety of its growing fleet.  

25 September, 2023

WestJet to sponsor the most anticipated Battle of Alberta this NHL season

WestJet, today in partnership with The National Hockey League (NHL®), announced it will serve as the official airline of the 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic™ on Sunday, October 29, 2023.

Returning to its city of origin in Edmonton, the 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic™ will be hosted at the iconic Commonwealth Stadium at 5 p.m. MT in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the outdoor NHL game.

"Hockey has always been a part of our province's vibrant identity and there is no better way to celebrate this beloved Canadian pastime than through the tradition of the NHL Heritage Classic™," shared John Weatherill, WestJet Group Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer. "We are thrilled to serve as the official airline of the 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic, bringing direct connectivity from more than 22 communities to Edmonton for the NHL season's most anticipated Battle of Alberta."

"As we celebrate 20 years of one of the most beloved events on the NHL calendar, we are thrilled to welcome WestJet as the official airline of the 2023 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic™," said Kyle McMann, NHL Senior Vice President, North American Business Development. "As we embark on our new partnership, we're proud to bring outdoor NHL hockey back to where the first Heritage Classic was in 2003, and are thrilled to share this special event and connect our fans with WestJet, a powerhouse Albertan made brand."

22 September, 2023

WestJet announces transborder connectivity between Victoria and Las Vegas

Canadian airline WestJet will be starting a new service between Victoria and Las Vegas from 1st February next year. The carrier will operate the non-stop service twice weekly,  strengthening its investments in Western Canada through increased sun and leisure connections.

"WestJet is proud to add our newest route to our winter schedule and bolster Victoria's transborder connectivity to Las Vegas. As we continue to provide guests across Canada with even more affordable and accessible opportunities to escape the cold and find the sun this winter, Victoria is an important part of our Western Canada growth plan," said John Weatherill, WestJet Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer.




Victoria – Las Vegas


Thursday and Sunday

February 1

Las Vegas - Victoria


Thursday and Sunday

February 1

"We're very excited for the return of WestJet service to Las Vegas," said Elizabeth M. Brown, President and CEO, Victoria Airport Authority.  "This will provide residents of Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island convenient non-stop service to this popular destination.  It also demonstrates YYJ's continued efforts to recover post-pandemic and reflects a positive sign of confidence in the Victoria marker.  We appreciate WestJet's continued support for our region and wish them much success with this new route."

About WestJet

In 27 years of serving Canadians, WestJet has cut airfares in half and increased the flying population in Canada to more than 50 per cent. WestJet launched in 1996 with three aircraft, 250 employees and five destinations, growing over the years to more than 180 aircraft, 14,000 employees serving more than 100 destinations in 26 countries.

20 September, 2023

WestJet endorses widescale Canadian production of sustainable aviation fuel

Chief Executive Officer, Alexis von Hoensbroech attends 24th World Petroleum Congress and addresses opportunity for a collective effort to achieve aviation industry's net-zero target of 2050

WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer, Alexis von Hoensbroech, this week at the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, addressed the airline's ambitions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and the vital role sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plays in the future of decarbonizing aviation. With no current technological alternative for large commercial aircraft propulsion, airline reliance on sustainable jet fuel will be foundational to the decarbonization of the aviation industry. With its abundant space to grow feedstock, a large oil and gas industry and robust federal sustainability goals, Canada holds the necessities to facilitate the large-scale production of SAF.

"Air travel is essential to Canadians and critical to the nation's economy; with the right regulatory environment and collaborative efforts of producers and airlines, Canada has an enormous opportunity to further its global leadership in energy sustainability through SAF production," said Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer. "The time is now for a regulatory framework to create a competitive investment climate for sustainable aviation fuel production, right here in Canada, that keeps air travel affordable and accessible."

16 September, 2023

WestJet fights cabin crew over PA speech by politician

The Canadian airline WestJet has been underfire from Canadian flyers and politicians after it allowed Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre use a WestJet plane's public address system to make political statements.

After a video of the event on a flight to Calgary was shared on social media and the airline faced criticism, it tried to blame the cabin crew,  saying they had allowed the leader of the opposition to take over the mic. 

The President of the Airline Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has weighed into the row disputing that assertion. “After pushback from Canadians online, some of whom were calling for a boycott of the airline, WestJet tried to throw our members under the bus,” said Lesosky. “But cabin crew were acting on direction from management. When the boss tells you to do something, there’s not a lot of options.”

Lesosky said the use of a PA system on a flight for a political speech isn’t appropriate and may break Transport Canada’s guidelines related to the use of emergency equipment.  “Mr Poilievre claims he was exercising free speech, but that’s nonsense,” said Lesosky. “There are safety rules against what he did, and they are there for good reasons.”

“We take our responsibility for the safety of passengers extremely seriously; it’s a shame Mr. Poilievre and WestJet don’t feel the same way.  Mr. Poilievre should focus on unpaid work of cabin crew in Parliament, while we do what we do best and focus on safety.”

WestJet has since tried to calm the issue with its CEO saying Alexis von Hoensbroech saying the airline was neutral on political issues and claiming it was fine for the political announcement to be made as it was an extra flight the carrier had added to cope with the demand for the convention. However, it should be noted that it wasn't a private charter flight and had other passengers and not just convention delegates travelling on the flight. As the politician's announcement mentioned turbulence some say could have detracted from any further safety announcements on the flight which could have presented problems.  

Von Hoensbroech stated:  "The leader of the party was given the opportunity to greet delegates onboard (which is not unusual), but this was not a political endorsement nor should it be interpreted as such  - We are non-partisan by nature and will revisit our policy on this."

Canadian anyalists have also disputed the notion that WestJet and its senior leaders were 'non-partisan by nature' with a number of them making political donations or statements in the past. It is also understood the airline is still providing 'corporate' discounts to political parties. 

13 September, 2023

WestJet announces exclusive transborder service connecting Kelowna and Las Vegas

The Canadian airline WestJet will be relaunching a service between Kelowna and Las Vegas, from 15th December 2023.

The carrier will operate non-stop service between Kelowna and Las Vegas, twice weekly, as the airline continues to strengthen its investments in Western Canada through increased sun and leisure connections.

"WestJet is proud to add yet another transborder connection to our winter schedule, between Kelowna and Las Vegas, as we continue to provide guests across Canada with even more affordable and accessible opportunities to escape the cold and find the sun this winter," said John Weatherill, WestJet Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer.



Departure time (local)

Arrival time (local)


Kelowna – Las Vegas


8:00 a.m.

10:39 a.m.

December 15

Las Vegas - Kelowna


1:05 p.m.

3:55 p.m.

December 15


With the addition of service to Las Vegas, WestJet will operate a total of two direct transborder connections from Kelowna, with non-stop weekly service to Phoenix, Arizona.

"WestJet's unwavering commitment to our region exemplifies the power of partnership in fostering our economic position." Said Sam Samaddar, Chief Executive Officer of Kelowna International Airport. "With WestJet's ambitious growth strategy taking flight, we eagerly anticipate the benefits it will bring, strengthening our ties and ensuring YLW continues to be the Okanagan's link to the world."  

08 September, 2023

WestJet adds non-stop connectivity between Winnipeg and Ottawa this winter

WestJet celebrates winter extension along with the inauguration of service between Winnipeg and Atlanta

WestJet announced a highly anticipated addition to its previously announced winter schedule, with an extension of direct service between Winnipeg and Ottawa. Previously set to temporarily pause on October 29, 2023, WestJet will be the exclusive carrier providing essential service on the popular route, offering four weekly connections between Manitoba and Canada's capital cities. WestJet's service between Ottawa and Winnipeg will resume December 18, 2023, and operate throughout the duration of its winter schedule.

"The extension of this route is a further demonstration of our market leadership and commitment to both Winnipeg and Ottawa. This is a key route for business, government and leisure travellers and is a demonstration of our growth plan in action as we continue to build meaningful connections, creating new business and tourism opportunities in the communities we serve," said Daniel Fajardo, WestJet, Vice-President, Network and Schedule Planning.




time (local)

Arrival time

Winnipeg –


December 18

8:55 a.m.

12:24 p.m.

Ottawa –


December 18

1:10 p.m.

3:04 p.m.

*New flight frequencies available for booking on September 10, 2023

WestJet sees service between Winnipeg and Atlanta take off

The announcement of extended service comes amidst WestJet's inauguration of service between Winnipeg and Atlanta.

With the departure of WS1360 at 9:00 a.m., WestJet today also celebrated the launch of its service between Atlanta and Winnipeg. With the addition of Atlanta to Winnipeg's network, Manitoba's capital expands its list of direct transborder connections, with nonstop service to six destinations in the United States, as a result of WestJet's investments in the city.

"We are thrilled to be celebrating the takeoff of another exclusive and pivotal transborder route, that will unlock direct connectivity between Central Canada and the Southeast United States. This route serves to substantially enhance the economic pipeline of not only Winnipeg, but all of Manitoba and we look forward to seeing the community take advantage of this desirable connection," continued Fajardo.

The departure of WS1360 is the first of five weekly flights that will travel between Atlanta and Winnipeg this winter.


Start date




Winnipeg –

September 6, 2023

5x weekly

9:00 a.m. (local)

13:09 p.m.

Atlanta –

September 6, 2023`

5x weekly

14:00 p.m. (local)

16:20 p.m.

06 September, 2023

Board changes at WestJet Group.

The WestJet Group has confirmed the appointment of Benjamin Smith and รlex Cruz as Vice-Chairs of its Board of Directors and the appointment of Lisa Durocher to its Board of Directors.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Benjamin and รlex as Vice-Chairs of our Board of Directors. Benjamin and รlex are both senior airline industry veterans, with proven track records, who will continue to bring strategic and commercial leadership to the WestJet Group as we work together to deliver value to WestJet Group's guests, employees and stakeholders," said Chris Burley, Chairman of the WestJet Group's Board of Directors.

Mr. Smith has served on the WestJet Group Board of Directors since October 2021.  Mr. Smith was appointed Air France-KLM Group’s Chief Executive Officer in August 2018. Prior to joining Air France-KLM, Mr. Smith served in multiple executive positions within Air Canada.  During his tenure at Air Canada, the airline’s size and profitability grew exponentially with its customer products and services consistently rated best in North America. In 2003, he was appointed Vice President Network Planning, leading the airline’s commercial strategy and global expansion focused on developing three hubs in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. In 2007, he was appointed Chief Commercial Officer and in 2013, he launched Air Canada Rouge, the company’s leisure brand. In 2014, Mr. Smith acted as the chief negotiator with the airline's pilot and cabin crew unions, resulting in landmark 10-year collective agreements.  In his final position at the company, Mr. Smith served as President, Airlines and Chief Operating Officer with all-encompassing commercial and operational responsibilities for Air Canada, Rouge, Express, Cargo, Aeroplan, and Vacations. Currently, he serves on the Air France-KLM Group Board of Directors.  Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Western Ontario.
Mr. Smith is the CEO of Air France-KLM where he has served since 2018. Prior to that, Mr. Smith had a distinguished career for more than two decades at Air Canada, where he held a number of increasingly senior positions most recently as President, Airlines and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Smith has extensive international and domestic aviation experience and a proven track record of success.

Mr. Cruz has served on the WestJet Group Board of Directors since November 2021.  Between 2016 and 2020, Mr. Cruz was the CEO and Chairman of British Airways. Prior to that role, Mr. Cruz founded and served as the CEO of Clickair, a low-cost airline that quickly grew under his leadership before merging with Vueling in July of 2009, creating Spain's leading airline. During his tenure, Vueling became one of Europe's most successful low-cost carriers.  Commencing his professional career with American Airlines, Mr. Cruz held a variety of management roles before founding his own aviation consulting company, leading projects with airlines around the world, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Delta, Continental and Ansett Australia, as well as travel companies like, BAA, Swissport and Amadeus. Mr. Cruz currently serves on the boards of Fetcherr Ltd and Recaro and serves as Executive Chairman for PortAventura World.  Mr. Cruz holds a Master of Science in industrial engineering from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University.

Mr. Cruz started his career at American Airlines in Dallas and later founded low-cost airline Clickair. He then merged it with Barcelona-based Vueling and eventually drove its acquisition by International Airlines Group (IAG). In 2016, he became the Chairman and CEO of British Airways where he served until 2021. Mr. Cruz also serves on the board of Recaro, PortAventura World and several travel tech start-ups.

04 September, 2023

WestJet to introduce more flights from Calgary

WestJet to increase service from YYC Calgary International Airport to Ottawa and Los Angeles

As WestJet continues to strengthen its investments in Western Canada, the airline is increased flights to its previously announced winter schedule, with service from Calgary to both Ottawa and Los Angeles. 

"WestJet is unwavering in our commitment to ensure Calgary remains the most connected city in North America with under two million residents, as we continue to provide guests with even more affordable and accessible air travel across our network this winter," said Jane McCurdy, WestJet Director, Network Planning and Alliances. "With increased demand for these two popular routes from Calgary, we are able to provide enhanced capacity and more seats for our valued guests this winter."

Beginning October 30, WestJet will double its daily service Calgary and Ottawa, adding 7 additional weekly flights during peak travel periods. In addition, 5 weekly flights have been added between Calgary and Los Angeles. In total, WestJet will operate close to 900 weekly flights from YYC Calgary International Airport during peak travel periods this winter season.   


Frequency increase

Peak winter frequency


Calgary – Ottawa 



October 30

Calgary – Los Angeles



October 30

New Routes

*New flight frequencies available for booking on September 5, 2023

17 August, 2023

WestJet adds new non-stop route connecting Kelowna and Toronto to the winter schedule

WestJet adds new non-stop route connecting Kelowna and Toronto to the winter schedule

The return of service connecting two cities comes just in time to support business and leisure travel to and from Okanagan region through the winter season

KELOWNA, BC, Aug. 16, 2023 /CNW/ - WestJet today announced the addition of non-stop service between Kelowna and Toronto to the airline's 2023/24 winter schedule. Operating twice weekly, WestJet's winter service between Kelowna and Toronto will begin November 5, 2023.

 "WestJet is pleased to offer enhanced connectivity between Kelowna and Toronto now on this winter which will provide a convenient and affordable travel option for our guests travelling between these two cities for business or leisure," said Jane McCurdy, WestJet Director, Network Planning and Alliances. "The addition of this new route to our winter schedule is a further continuation of our growth strategy's focus on providing non-stop service connecting eastern and Western Canada twelve months of the year."

Details of WestJet's winter service between Kelowna and Toronto


Days of Week



Kelowna – Toronto

Monday & Friday

10:00 a.m.

5:13 p.m.

Toronto – Kelowna

Sunday & Thursday

7:30 p.m.

9:24 p.m.

Reaffirming its commitment to providing connectivity from Eastern to Western Canada as part of the airline's growth strategy, the addition of service between Kelowna and Toronto marks WestJet's nine non-stop routes from Kelowna and 40 non-stop routes from Toronto as part of its upcoming winter schedule.

10 August, 2023

WestJet adds flights to Mexico from Vancouver

WestJet celebrated an expansion to its winter schedule serving British Columbia's Lower Mainland, further enhancing its sun and leisure connectivity from Vancouver International Airport to some of Mexico's most popular destinations. Additionally, as part of its connectivity to Mexico, WestJet has added weekly non-stop service between Vancouver and Ixtapa.

"We are thrilled to bring more opportunity for our guests across B.C.'s Lower Mainland to seamlessly connect to their favourite destinations across Mexico this winter," said Chris Avery, WestJet Vice-President, Network Planning, Alliances and Commercial Development. "In alignment with our strategy, we are proud to add Vancouver to the list of Canadian communities through which we are creating extensive and affordable opportunities for our guests to plan their winter getaways."

Network details



Start Date

Vancouver - Cancun

9x weekly

Year round

Vancouver – Los Cabos

11x weekly

Year round

Vancouver – Ixtapa

1x weekly

Friday, December 22

Vancouver – Puerto Vallarta

9x weekly

Year round 

Vancouver – Mazatlรกn

2x weekly

Friday, November 3

Vancouver – Huatulco

4x weekly

Sunday, October 29



Start date

Abbotsford – Puerto Vallarta

2x weekly

Tuesday, December 5

Abbotsford – Los Cabos

1x weekly

Monday, December 4


01 August, 2023

The WestJet Group enhances services from Hamilton

The WestJet Group maintains a commitment to Hamilton through sun and leisure connections this winter.....

The WestJet Group announced this week some enhancements to its winter schedule serving Hamilton, sustaining the community's key sun connections as the airline works through a transitionary period, completing the integration of its ultra-low-cost carrier, Swoop.

The WestJet Group has proudly served Hamilton for 23 years and while the integration of Swoop has resulted in a reduced schedule serving the community, this is a temporary measure required as the airline continues to responsibly execute the incorporation of Swoop's highly successful business model into WestJet.

"Hamilton was integral to Swoop's success and remains a valuable part of the WestJet Group's future," said John Weatherill, WestJet Group Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer. "As we work through this transitionary period, WestJet's service from Hamilton will be centred on our strategic focus of providing non-stop domestic connectivity to Western Canada and the sun destinations we know our guests rely on us for to escape the winter cold."



Start Date

Hamilton – Cancun

3x weekly

November 25

Hamilton – Punta Cana

3x weekly

November 26

Hamilton – Orlando

3x weekly

November 24

Hamilton – Tampa Bay

3x weekly

November 24


In addition to its sun schedule, WestJet will also provide non-stop connectivity between Hamilton and Calgary, operating four times weekly. With frequent service to Calgary, operating year-round, WestJet will ensure Hamilton is one seamless connection away from its 787 international hub, granting seamless access to travel across Canada, the United States, Central America, Europe and Tokyo.  



Start Date

Hamilton – Calgary

4x weekly


"We sincerely value our strong partnership with Hamilton International Airport and the Hamilton community who have strongly supported both WestJet and Swoop over the years," continued Weatherill. "We remain unwaveringly committed to engaging with local stakeholders and community members to expand and reposition our investments to best serve the city, for years to come."

WestJet Group capacity

In addition to WestJet's new sun connections serving Hamilton, as a new but integral part of the WestJet Group, Sunwing Airlines is further strengthening the region's leisure travel opportunities with an extensive winter schedule. Together as the WestJet Group, WestJet and Sunwing Airlines will provide eight non-stop routes from Hamilton to popular sun destinations in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean this winter including, Cayo Coco, Holguin, Varadero.

The WestJet Group continues to work through the integration of its ultra-low-cost subsidiary Swoop into one product offering under the WestJet brand with one goal in mind; to provide reliable and affordable travel to a broader spectrum of guests and communities across Canada and beyond. Through leveraging the ultra-low fare products pioneered by Swoop, WestJet will begin providing ultra-affordable fares and increased affordable vacation packages across Canada through the entirety of its 180 aircraft.