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12 June, 2022

LATAM predicts a busy June as demand increases

LATAM group projects a passenger operation of up to 74% for June (measured in available seat kilometers - ASK) compared to the same month in 2019 (pre-pandemic scenario). The group will also begin operations between Puerto Maldonado and Cusco, in Peru, and will resume three routes from Belém (Brazil) to Macapá, Fortaleza, and Manaus.

LATAM plans to operate approximately 1,123 daily domestic and international flights during June, connecting 133 destinations in 21 countries.

The group’s cargo business has scheduled more than 1,220 flights on cargo freighters. These projections are subject to the evolution of the pandemic in the countries where the group operates.

In May 2022, passenger traffic (measured in revenue passenger kilometers - RPK) was 69.6% in relation to the same period in 2019, based on an operation of 73.1% compared to May 2019 (measured in ASK).  As a result, the load factor decreased 4.0 percentage points, reaching 79.6%.

The load factor of cargo operations was 58.0%, which corresponds to an increase of 1.6 percentage points in relation to May 2019.

LATAM Group Operational Estimate – June 2022

(Passenger operations measured in ASK / Cargo operations measured in ATK)

01 June, 2022

Air Lease Corporation has leased three new Airbus A321neo aircraft with LATAM Airlines

Today Air Lease Corporation announced long-term lease placements for three new Airbus A321neo aircraft with LATAM Airlines.  The aircraft are scheduled to deliver to LATAM in the summer and fall of 2023 from ALC’s order book with Airbus. 

“We are pleased to announce the long-term leases of three new Airbus A321neo aircraft to the largest airline in South America: LATAM Airlines,” said Steven Udvar-Házy, Executive Chairman of Air Lease Corporation.  “This is another important step in LATAM’s fleet modernization and network strategy optimization.”

LATAM is Latin America’s leading airline group, with presence in five domestic markets in South America: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, along with international operations within Latin America and to Europe, US and the Caribbean.  The group operates a fleet including Boeing 787, Airbus A350, A321, A320neo and A319 aircraft, the most modern models of their kind.  LATAM is the only airline group of the Americas and one three in the world to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, where it’s recognized for its sustainable practices, based on three criteria: economics, social and environmental. 

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19 May, 2022

Jorge Carretero of LATAM Cargo Takes Over Chairmanship of the BARIG Air Cargo & Logistics Committee

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of the air cargo business for maintaining global logistics chains and transporting necessary supplies and trade goods worldwide has once again become evident. Accordingly, the international airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany) has been actively involved in the air cargo sector for many years. In order to further drive forward currently relevant cargo and logistics topics, the BARIG Air Cargo & Logistics Committee has now reorganized itself. Jorge Carretero of LATAM Cargo takes over the chairmanship with immediate effect. In this way, the cargo division of the Chilean-Brazilian LATAM Airlines Group—as leading cargo airline in South America—supports the association in representing the interests and requirements of the entire BARIG airline community in this field.

“I am very happy that Jorge Carretero is taking over the lead of the BARIG Air Cargo & Logistics Committee,” BARIG Chairman and Executive Director Michael Hoppe states. Together with our more than 100 member airlines, we aim to drive forward important cargo-related topics in this committee, ranging from the optimization of handling processes to further needs-based development of infrastructure in Germany. Currently, we are facing considerable bottlenecks in operation and service processes, which we have to solve together with the airports, service providers, and politicians. Furthermore, we are coordinating and fostering the cooperation with the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt in this BARIG committee. With his many years of international experience, Jorge Carretero is the ideal representative to focus on the right topics with the BARIG members.”

Jorge Carretero has been working for LATAM Airlines Group for 15 years and is considered an airline expert in the sales and cargo business. As Sales Director Central Europe, he has been moving in an international environment for quite some time. His profound expertise will be of great use in his additional role as committee chairman. “I am delighted to be involved in the further development of Germany as an airfreight location and to coordinate the common interests of the BARIG member airlines,” Jorge Carretero reports.

The BARIG Air Cargo & Logistics Committee is composed of the BARIG airlines’ cargo representatives. Central points of discussion include the general improvement of airport infrastructure, the further development of intermodal transport infrastructure, as well as the implementation of internationally uniform rules. These topics and many more are being discussed in the committee accordingly and coordinated with airports, aviation authorities, and politicians, both regionally and nationally, as well as globally.


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13 December, 2021

Delta looking to cement global partner strategy

The U.S. mega-carrier, Delta Air Lines has confirmed it will be making further investments in Virgin Atlantic, Aeromexico and LATAM as these partner airlines transform their businesses to emerge from the global pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, Delta was achieving record international growth attributed to a combination of organic growth and its global partner network. Over the past 10 years, Delta has built industry-leading partnerships with flagship airlines across Europe, Asia and Latin America. As international travel demand returns, the connectivity, relevance and breadth of Delta’s global network with its partners remains critical to continuing this success.

“These strategic investments in our partners will transform our ability to improve travel for our customers, enabling us to deliver a seamless travel experience alongside offering our customers an unrivalled network between North American and premier markets worldwide,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “The work each of our partners has done to strengthen their businesses for the future makes these partnerships even more valuable and creates a new era of international travel to benefit our customers, our employees and our investors as global travel rebounds in 2022 and beyond.”

In support of its global future, Delta is investing in Virgin Atlantic, Aeromexico and LATAM as each carrier emerges from restructuring or recapitalization. Upon completion of their respective processes, Delta is targeting a 20% equity stake in Aeromexico and a 10% equity stake in LATAM. In addition, Delta will maintain its 49% equity stake in Virgin Atlantic. The airline’s investment in these carriers will be approximately $1.2 billion.

With new widebody aircraft on the way, record hiring, and significant investments in international readiness, Delta is positioned to lead the industry through the ongoing recovery. Delta’s partnerships with Virgin Atlantic, Aeromexico and LATAM expand that growth potential, helping to fuel route additions, customer connectivity and associated job creation:

Aeromexico: The airlines’ existing Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) launched in 2017. Over the past four years, Delta and Aeromexico have built a leading trans-border network of more than 40 popular business and leisure routes from their main hubs and offering the most service in the largest New York and Los Angeles markets.
LATAM: Delta and LATAM’s trans-American Joint Venture Agreement will combine the carriers’ highly complementary route networks between North and South America. Following Chilean Court approval of the JV in October this year, Delta and LATAM expanded their existing codeshares to improve connectivity between North and South America.
Virgin Atlantic: Delta’s joint venture with Virgin Atlantic has, since 2013, solidified Delta’s position on key U.S.-U.K. routes including the leading business route New York-JFK to London Heathrow.  
“Throughout the pandemic, Delta has continued to invest in our future, including new aircraft orders, accelerating real estate projects and putting significant resources into health and safety measures to protect our employees and our customers,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dan Janki.  “Similarly, investing in our partners now – even as we continue to navigate the pandemic – is the right choice to support Delta’s long-term strategy.”

There is no change to Delta’s investments in AFKL, Korean Air and China Eastern.

With a shared ethos of the highest levels of customer service, Delta is focused on delivering benefits for customers through initiatives including seamless technology, loyalty reciprocity and frictionless connectivity with its global partners.   Delta’s own international network combined with its partnerships creates an extensive global network and positions the airline to successfully capitalize on the re-opening of international markets, as well as anticipated growth into the future.   

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23 September, 2021

LATAM Airlines to upgrade more than 200 A320 family aircraft

LATAM Airlines is to upgrade their A320 Family fleet with Airbus’ “Descent Profile Optimisation” (DPO) function – a fuel-saving enhancement to the aircraft’s on-board Flight Management System (FMS) performance database. This upgrade will be performed on over 200 of their A320 family fleet, becoming the biggest Airbus fleet equipped with this powerful fuel saving solution.

All the equipment kits required for the installation of the DPO performance software on LATAM’s A320 Family fleet will start to be delivered from the end of 2021 until early 2022.

The DPO function allows aircraft to descend from cruise altitude using only idle engine thrust, which reduces fuel consumption, bringing proportional CO2 and NOx (nitrogen oxide emissions) reductions. To further enhance the fuel reduction DPO maximises the time spent at efficient cruise level -by not starting the descent too early- and subsequently minimising the amount of time spent at an inefficient ‘level-off’ stage at the bottom of the descent –when the aircraft’s engines generate thrust to maintain level flight in dense air prior to final landing approach.

Optimisation of the aircraft’s flight trajectory is one of the key factors to further improve efficiency in cooperation with Air Traffic Control. By optimising the descent trajectories of its aircraft and reducing the fuel flow to the engines -arising from the lowest ‘idle’ thrust setting during the descent phase- thanks to the DPO function, LATAM Airlines will generate over 100 tons fuel savings per year per aircraft across their network, including constrained airports like Lima, Santiago and São Paulo. This will reduce CO2 emissions by over 300 tons per year per aircraft, representing a significant contribution to more sustainable flight operations with 60,000 tons of CO2 each year for the entire LATAM Airlines’ A320 Family fleet.

DPO is one of the several flight operations optimisation solutions offered by Airbus and its flight operations services subsidiary Navblue. Together with improved Air Traffic Management, these fuel savings solutions enable operators to start aviation decarbonisation now.

To see how much fuel could be saved, play with the new Airbus Descent Profile Optimisation Calculator, please click here.
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27 May, 2021

IBS Software and LATAM Airlines Group reach agreement to transform loyalty program

IBS Software, a leading SaaS technology provider for the travel industry, announces that it has reached an agreement with LATAM Airlines Group to implement its iFly Loyalty platform, enabling the airline to manage its loyalty programs from a single modern platform.

iFly Loyalty will also allow LATAM to move away from a traditional, outdated and costly data center infrastructure. Upon completion of the transformation, IBS Software's cloud-native iFly Loyalty platform will power the entire technology stack that drives LATAM's loyalty business.

This new platform will enable LATAM Pass to easily service the frequent flyer's demand for innovation across multiple channels. Not only will it allow flexibility, so the program features can be easily adjusted according to changing customer needs and industry fluctuations, but it will also support innovative partnerships, faster problem solving and deeper integration with other channels and airline systems.

This agreement with LATAM is another example of IBS Software's expanding reach across the aviation sector, enabling its customers to transform and digitally lead the industry.

19 May, 2021

LATAM Cargo Group partners with SkyCell to bring innovative hybrid container solutions to South American pharmaceutical market

SkyCell containers will be used to ship pharmaceuticals across key countries such as Chile, Brazil, and Argentina and help the South American airline expanding its pharma services.

SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers, has partnered with LATAM Cargo Group to help ship pharmaceuticals to South America in a secure, safe, and sustainable way. This partnership comes at a crucial time for the pharmaceutical industry in South America, as the PHARMA volumes being transported by LATAM this year has more than doubled, compared to the same period in 2020. 

LATAM Cargo Group has the network and the expertise the pharmaceutical market requires for South America, and its use of SkyCell’s innovative container solutions through this partnership will help ensure these life-saving biologics make it to their destination in pristine condition. 

LATAM Cargo's partnership with SkyCell will help increase supply chain reliability and flexibility by ensuring cargo is kept at the optimal temperature throughout its journey, monitored by SkyCell's IoT and Lane Risk Assessment technology. 

18 March, 2021

IBS Software's new iFlight Platform Transforms Global Flight Operations at LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines Group has deployed IBS Software's iFlight digital platform to optimize their flight and crew operations across all its Spanish Speaking Carriers (SSC) and cargo subsidiaries. All the LATAM SSC and cargo subsidiary carriers (LATAM Chile, Colombia, LanExpress, Peru, Ecuador, Chile Cargo, Cargo Colombia, and Cargo Brazil) are already operating on the integrated iFlight Ops and Crew SaaS platform.

LATAM becomes the first airline to implement the latest version of iFlight, which has been optimized to help airlines balance operational disruption with cost efficiency and customer satisfaction across their entire network. iFlight is a fully integrated technology platform developed as three specific modules to optimize Ops, Crew and Hub management, making IBS Software the first company to provide the aviation industry with this level of operational insight and management functionality.

25 February, 2021

Delta Air Lines and LATAM joint venture gets final approval

    More and improved travel options, shorter connection times and new routes between North America and Brazil will be just some of the benefits for customers.
    The Joint Venture agreement has also been authorized in Uruguay while the application process continues in the U.S., Chile and other jurisdictions.

Delta Air Lines and LATAM have received final approval, without conditions, of their commercial agreement (“trans-American Joint Venture agreement” or “JVA”) by the Brazilian competition authority - the Administrative Council for Economic Defense - after initial approval was granted in September 2020. The JVA seeks to enhance the route networks served by both airlines, delivering a seamless travel experience between North and South America. The Delta-LATAM agreement has also been approved in Uruguay while the application process continues in other countries, including Chile.

“This final approval in Brazil furthers our mission to provide customers in this important market with the world-class travel experience and options they deserve,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “Moving forward, we will continue working with LATAM to unlock more benefits for our customers and create the premier airline alliance of the Americas.”

19 September, 2020

Delta and LATAM receive approval in Brazil for Joint Venture Agreement

Delta Air Lines and LATAM Airlines Group S.A. have received regulatory approval on Thursday for their trans-American Joint Venture Agreement (‘JVA’) from Brazil’s competition authority, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE).

The proposed JVA between Delta and LATAM, which was presented to the CADE on July 14, 2020,was approved without conditions, following an evaluation of free competition considerations and taking into account the unprecedented economic impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry. This is the first approval for the JVA between Delta and LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates (‘LATAM’) since it was signed in May 2020.

The JVA aims to connect the carriers’ highly complementary route networks and provide customers with a seamless travel experience between North and South America, once all regulatory approvals are secured.

29 June, 2020

Latin America's airline apocalypse signals a future with weak competition

Bankrupt LATAM Airlines and Avianca Holdings are dramatically retrenching their once-grand ambitions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing competition in Latin America as they mull once-unthinkable cooperation with rivals, reports Marcelo Rochabrun in Sao Paulo.

Since May, LATAM has exited Argentina, partnered with rival Azul SA in Brazil and cut back domestic operations in Chile, while Avianca has departed Peru.

LATAM is now open to a deeper alliance with Azul, even as the two airlines usually control a combined 60% of Brazil’s domestic market.

The scaling back could reshape air travel in Latin America, weakening competition regionally and driving up ticket prices while also helping some carriers survive. The moves show how the industry is already shrinking through attrition, as airlines are too cash-strapped to consider buying the competition.

26 May, 2020

LATAM files for bankruptcy

One of Latin America's biggest and most well-known airlines, LATAM Airlines Group has filed for bankruptcy protection as the fallout of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives and businesses around the globe.

The carrier filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, thereby becoming the largest airline to do so, at least so far.  However, LATAM, one of the world’s biggest air carriers has confirmed it will continue to operate its flights throughout the bankruptcy and restructuring. 

Just last month, the pandemic claimed about business in the shame of the second biggest airlines in the region, Avianca went into bankruptcy protection.  However, Chile’s LATAM has posted profits for the last four consecutive years of over $700 million. LATAM had also approved a dividend payment this year. 

LATAM is considered to be a “strategic company for Chile” the nation's government said on Tuesday and assured the community it would “consider” how best to contribute to the airline's recovery. 

08 May, 2020

Delta and LATAM sign trans-American Joint Venture Agreement

Once regulatory approvals are granted, the partnership will provide customers with a seamless travel experience and industry-leading connectivity.

Delta Air Lines and LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates have signed a trans-American Joint Venture Agreement that, once regulatory approvals where required are granted, will combine the carriers’ highly complementary route networks between North and South America, providing customers with a seamless travel experience and industry-leading connectivity.

“Late last year, we set out to build the leading strategic alliance in Latin America together with LATAM, and while the industry landscape has changed, our commitment to this joint venture is as strong as ever,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “Even as our carriers contend with the impact of COVID-19 on our business and take steps to protect the safety of our customers and employees, we are also building the airline alliance we know they’ll want to fly in the future.”

“While we remain focused on navigating the COVID-19 crisis and protecting the safety and well-being of our passengers and employees, we also have to look to the future to ensure the best possible customer experience and support the long-term sustainability of the group,” said Roberto Alvo, CEO, LATAM Airlines Group. “Our bilateral strategic alliance with Delta remains a priority and we firmly believe that it still promises to offer customers the leading travel experience and connectivity in the Americas.”

20 March, 2020

LATAM to reduce its operations by 70% and offer flexibility to reschedule travel date at no cost

Photo Reuters 
70% corresponds to a 90% reduction in international flights and 40% in domestic operations. All customers with affected international and national flights from today can reschedule their journeys until December 31, 2020, at no additional cost

Following new border closures of various countries and the subsequent drop in demand, LATAM Airlines Group S.A. and its subsidiaries will reduce their capacity by 70%, equivalent to a 90% decrease in international operations and 40% in national flights.

16 March, 2020

LATAM to axe 90% of its international flights

LATAM Airlines Group, has confirmed that due to the ongoing and deepening coronavirus COVID-19, it will be cancelling around 90% of its international flights, as demand has collapsed and countries shut down borders leaving the region increasingly isolated. 

The airline said passengers would begin to be affected on Monday. LATAM will also cut 40% of its domestic flights, for a total cancellation of 70% of its flights. Passengers may reschedule trips through the end of the year “at no additional cost,” it said. 

“We understand that customers may be uncertain about making international travel plans at this time. That’s why we want to provide them with the opportunity to book international flights, knowing that they can change their reservation at a later date if they wish”, said Yanina Manassa, Director of Customer Service, LATAM Airlines Group.

LATAM will waive change fees for all international flights up to December 31, 2020, applicable to new bookings made between March 6 and 22, 2020. Customers making new reservations will be able to change the date and/or destination of their ticket* up to 14 days in advance of their outbound flight without penalty, subject to fare differences.

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14 March, 2020

LATAM waives change fees for international flight reservations

Customers making new bookings between March 6 and 22, 2020 for international flights up to December 31, 2020, will be able to change date and/or destination without penalty

In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, LATAM Airlines Group announced increased flexibility to help its customers in their travel decisions.

“We understand that customers may be uncertain about making international travel plans at this time. That’s why we want to provide them with the opportunity to book international flights, knowing that they can change their reservation at a later date if they wish”, said Yanina Manassa, Director of Customer Service, LATAM Airlines Group.

LATAM will waive change fees for all international flights up to December 31, 2020, applicable to new bookings made between March 6 and 22, 2020. Customers making new reservations will be able to change the date and/or destination of their ticket* up to 14 days in advance of their outbound flight without penalty, subject to fare differences.

For more information, visit

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28 February, 2020

Delta and LATAM accelerate industry leading partnership with loyalty agreement, launch of first codeshare flights


Delta and LATAM accelerate industry-leading partnership with loyalty agreement & launch of first codeshare flights

Delta frequent flyers benefit from reciprocal mileage earn and redemption for flights flown on/after April 1, 2020Delta code now added on flights operated by LATAM’s affiliates in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, giving customers more travel optionsAdditional codeshare agreement reached for flights operated by LATAM Airlines BrazilDelta to co-locate at LATAM’s São Paulo/GRU hub
Delta and LATAM Airlines Group (“LATAM”) have reached an agreement to launch frequent flyer reciprocity across the carriers’ broad networks, offering customer benefits across more than 435 destinations worldwide. Additionally, the carriers continue to expand codesharing across more flights throughout the region, adding expanded connectivity for customers.

“Together with LATAM, we are building an industry-leading and customer-focused partnership that connects North and South America like never before,” said Delta President – International and Executive Vice President – Global Sales Steve Sear. “With frequent flyer reciprocity and new codeshare flight options, we’re already beginning to deliver on this partnership for our customers, with much more to come.”

02 January, 2020

The world's most punctual airline in 2019 was............................................Aeroflot


Cirium has just revealed the world’s most on-time airlines and airports during 2019 - with the Russian carrier Aeroflot named as the world’s most punctual mainline airline and Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International is the world’s most on-time airport

Cirium’s On-Time Performance Review 2019 also awards 
Aeroflot the most punctual European airline
Runners-up include All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Delta Air Lines, 
with Delta the most on-time airline in North America
The most on-time global network airline is LATAM Airlines
The most on-time Low-Cost Carrier is Japan’s StarFlyer

        Russia’s Aeroflot has been named as the world’s most on-time mainline airline in the annual On-Time Performance (OTP) Review released today by travel data and analytics expert Cirium.

The OTP Review identifies the world’s best-performing airlines and airports for on-time flight operations in 2019. According to the long-running analysis by Cirium, which provides the definitive ranking of the top ten most on-time airlines and airports globally, by size and region, 86.7 per cent of Aeroflot’s flights operated on time in 2019.

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) came in second place with 86.3 per cent of its flights on time. Last year’s winner, Delta Air Lines, took third place in the global category with 85.7 per cent of flights arriving on time but topped the ranking in the North America category in both mainline and network*.

Meanwhile, Latin American airline LATAM clinches top ranking of the global network airline category with 86.7 per cent of the flights in its network arriving on time.

The 2019 Review also reveals that the most punctual airline in Europe is also Aeroflot. In the Asia Pacific, ANA takes top spot; Copa Airlines is most on time in Latin America; and in the Middle East and Africa, Qatar Airways beats Emirates to top ranking.

Japanese airline StarFlyer is named the world’s most punctual low-cost carrier with 91.4 per cent of flights arriving on-schedule**.

Cirium’s OTP Review also identifies the world’s most punctual airport, with Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International (SVO) operating the most on-schedule departing flights, with 95 per cent being on time.

Delta completes tender offer to purchase shares in LATAM

Delta Air Lines has successfully completed its previously announced tender offer and has acquired a 20 percent equity stake in LATAM Airlines Group S.A for approximately $1.9 billion., an important milestone toward bringing together the leading airlines in North and South America. This investment continues Delta’s strategy of making equity investments in key airline partners around the globe.

Delta Air Lines has successfully acquired a 20 percent equity stake in LATAM Airlines Group S.A for approximately $1.9 billion.

“We look forward to working with LATAM to create a truly world-class partnership that will give our customers unparalleled access throughout the Americas,” said Steve Sear, Delta President — International and Executive Vice President — Global Sales. “Equity investments like this help create alignment within our partnerships as we bring together our brands, enabling us to provide the very best service and reliability for our shared customers.”

28 September, 2019

Delta accused or dirty tricks over LATAM purchase

Many in the US aviation industry have accused the US mega-carrier of dirty tricks following the recent announcement of 20% buyout of LATAM Airlines and demanding it cut ties with American Airlines.

In a recently press release issued by Delta, it stated it knew of LATAM passengers who had purchased tickets under their former partnership with American were being denied travel.  It said it would now accommodate those passengers and would allow routing changes to get those passengers to their final destination. 

Yet,  American isn't cancelling those tickets, "American is not aware of any customers of American or LATAM who are being denied travel. We are accepting customers and baggage of ticketed LATAM customers who are scheduled to fly on American, and LATAM continues to accept our customers per our current agreements that are still intact."