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14 November, 2022

Amsterdam host city of the next IATA Wings of Change Europe event

Amsterdam host city of the next IATA Wings of Change Europe 

The fourth edition of the successful IATA Wings of Change Europe event will next year be held in Amsterdam with KLM as host carrier. This was announced in Istanbul today. The two-day event will take place around the beginning of November and is expected to attract more than 400 invitees to discuss key themes for the airline industry, such as sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and infrastructure.

As a member of the IATA Board of Governors, KLM CEO Marjan Rintel is the voice of the Netherlands in this international trade association for the world's airlines. Her position is important for KLM, considering the enormous challenges facing the sector. The IATA, representing around 290 airlines from 120 countries, aims to shape a safe, secure and sustainable air transport industry. 

09 November, 2022

Michiel van der Eijk named as new Managing Director of KLM Catering Services

Photo KLM
Michiel van der Eijk will be Managing Director of KLM Catering Services (KCS). Photo KLM
Effective 1 January 2013, Michiel van der Eijk will be the new Managing Director of KLM Catering Services (KCS). Van der Eijk succeeds Jan de Vegt, who retires on the same date.

Michiel van der Eijk said: "I am honoured to be able to continue my career with KCS. I am committed to working enthusiastically to modernising KCS operations and products, making them more flexible and sustainable. It is always important to me that people are taken into consideration and I am especially looking forward to getting to work with my new colleagues at KCS."

Michiel van der Eijk joined KLM in 1995, where he has held a range of positions. He is currently Managing Director of the Regional Jet Center, which is an independent subsidiary within the KLM Group. His extensive experience in the management of complex logistical processes, innovation and technology make him a worthy successor to Jan de Vegt at KCS.

25 October, 2022

WestJet restarts Calgary - Amsterdam service and expands KLM codeshare deal....

WestJet restarts Calgary - Amsterdam service
This week the Canadian airline WestJet started a new codeshare deal with the Dutch airline KLM,  which will see the carriers putting the WS on a number of KLM-operated flights in Europe.  Through the codeshare, passengers will have convenient access via Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport to and from 20 cities including Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Athens, Milan, Lisbon, Glasgow, and Manchester across 12 European countries.

Combined with the restart of WestJet's non-stop 787 Dreamliner service between Amsterdam and Calgary on November 14, 2022, the resumption of the codesharing on KLM-operated flights will give guests greater access between Canadian and European points for travellers on both sides of the Atlantic.

"Our guests will benefit from more opportunities to travel between Europe and Canada with this important codesharing with our partner KLM," said John Weatherill, WestJet's Chief Commercial Officer. "We look forward to strengthening travel and tourism ties between the countries served by our global networks, supported by the return of our non-stop Dreamliner service from Calgary to Amsterdam."

Guests using the codeshare will gain a host of benefits, including optimized AMS connections, through check-in for all flights at their first departure, baggage checked through to their final destination, and the ability to earn and use WestJet Rewards dollars on all flights.

Details of WestJet's service between Calgary and Amsterdam:



Start Date


(local time)

Arrival Time
(local time)

Calgary – Amsterdam

3x Weekly

November 14, 2022



Amsterdam – Calgary

3x Weekly

November 15, 2022



Details of "WS" codeshare on KLM-operated flights:




























































11 October, 2022

KLM’s 103rd Delftware miniature house is on the island of Aruba

Photo KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is celebrating the 103rd anniversary of its founding this month with the presentation of a new Delftware miniature house. This year’s miniature is a replica of a house in a very special location: the Ecury family home on Aruba. The island will be marking a centenary of aviation next year and the Ecury House – now part of the National Archaeolo­gical Museum of Aruba – is close to the site where the first aircraft landed. Moreover, the Ecury family played a significant role in the development of aviation on the island. KLM first flew to Aruba almost ninety years ago and made the island its operational hub for scheduled services across the Caribbean. KLM began operating scheduled services between Amsterdam and Aruba in 1974 and now operates daily flights between the two.

Photo KLM
Agustin Vrolijk, acting Governor of Aruba: I congratulate KLM on its hundred-third anniversary. We are extremely proud of our cultural heritage and are therefore very honored that this iconic mansion, the Ecury complex, has been chosen as KLM's next miniature house. We are deeply honored that Aruba's cultural heritage will now travel to all KLM destinations worldwide.

Marjan Rintel, CEO and President of KLM: “I don't know whether the founders of KLM could have imagined back in 1919 that we would still be celebrating the airline’s anniversary 103 years later. This year we are doing so on lovely Aruba, a KLM destination for almost fifty years, where we are kicking off celebrations today marking a centenary of aviation on the island. KLM has had many ups and downs over the past century, but we’ve always marked our anniversary on 7 October, because we want to keep celebrating that KLM is a wonderful company that connects the Netherlands with the world. We should be proud of that.”

The Ecury House

The house is located in Oranjestad and was built in 1929, close to the site where the first aircraft landed on the island almost 100 years ago. It was the home of the esteemed Ecury family, prominent in society and business. Son Nicasio “Dundun” Ecury built his business empire from here and played an important role in the development of aviation on the island. His son, Boy Ecury, studied in the Netherlands and became a resistance hero during the Second World War. He was betrayed and executed in 1944.

The Ecury House has been part of the National Archaeological Museum of Aruba since 2009 and forms the heart of the museum. It was built in 1929 and features a facade with classical elements, Caribbean gingerbread detailing and local decorative elements. This imposing and harmonious ensemble is a unique creation by the architect Dada Picus.

1934: KLM lands on Aruba for the first time

Photo KLM
In December 1934, a triple-engine KLM Fokker F-XVIII, christened “the Snip”, flew from Amsterdam to Curaçao in seven days, stopping in Marseille, Alicante, Casablanca, Porto Praia, Paramaribo and La Guaria. This was KLM's very first transatlantic flight and it was only possible because of the various stopovers, modifications to the aircraft's cabin and the absence of passengers. The purpose of the flight was to station an aircraft in the Antilles. The Snip touched down on Aruba for the first time on 23 December. Scheduled service between Curaçao and Aruba began on 19 January 1935, which was the first flight operated by KLM’s West-Indian Branch (WIB). KLM began operating scheduled direct service between Amsterdam and Aruba on 11 February 1974.

Centenary of aviation on Aruba

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the first flight’s arrival on Aruba. Since then, the airline industry has connected Aruba – also known as “One Happy Island” – with the rest of the world and fuelled its local economy, which now revolves largely around tourism. Aruba Airport welcomes around 2.5 million passengers annually and has grown significantly over time.

About the KLM Delftware miniature houses

Since the 1950s, KLM has been presenting Delftware miniature houses filled with Bols Dutch genever to World Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights. The miniatures are replicas of historic buildings in the Netherlands and abroad and are sought-after collectors' items. Since 1994, KLM has added a new miniature to its collection every year on the anniversary of its founding, 7 October.

This is the second time in KLM's history that a Delftware miniature is based on a building outside the Netherlands. On KLM's 85th anniversary, the airline presented a replica of the distinctive Penha Building in Curaçao.

Photo KLM
Evelyn Wever-Croes, prime minister of Aruba: “At Schelpstraat No. 42, there is a house with the year “Año 1929” on the façade. The rear of this house borders on the Noordstraat (now known as John G. Emanstraat). When this house was build in the 1929, its the owners, the Ecury family, could not have guessed that one of the 13 children born there would end up becoming a war hero, far from home. Even before it was restored to its former glory, the Ecury House was always iconic. One always admired it in passing. Everyone knew the house. We, the younger generation, feel a bond with the history of this house, because we know the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original occupants. The Ecury House forms a single entity with the adjacent Cas di Mamachi, which dates from 1911. However, the Ecury House, with its impressive façade and colonnade, is visually dominant. It casts an indelible image on one’s retina.”

Ronella Croes, CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority: “We are immensely proud that KLM has based its latest miniature house on a building on Aruba, more so because the Ecury family home was chosen. Doing so acknowledges the productive relationship we have had with KLM for many decades, as well as our shared history. Thanks in part to KLM, international tourism is thriving here, allowing us to build invaluable relationships. Choosing the Ecury family home as the model for its Delftware miniature house also spotlights our cultural heritage and brings it to the attention of a wider public. We hope this will encourage current and potential travellers to come to Aruba and explore our unique Caribbean culture.”

Joost Meijs, CEO, Queen Beatrix International Airport Aruba: “I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off next year’s anniversary, celebrating 100 years of aviation on Aruba, than with this gift from KLM; adding an Aruban house to their collection of Delftware miniatures. This miniature marks KLM's 103rd anniversary and is a great prelude to the centenary celebrations in 2023, which will involve the entire community. We are very proud that KLM has chosen the Ecury House, one of Aruba's most cherished heritage sites. It will add an Aruban flavour to KLM's collection of miniature houses, safeguard and promote the importance of our cultural heritage, and help us achieve our cultural aim of sustainable development on the island.”

Anne Witsenburg, Director, Monuments Fund of Aruba: “It has long been the wish of Monuments Fund Aruba that KLM would model one of its miniatures on a building in Aruba. We feel deeply honoured that it has chosen such a fine historic landmark to showcase in this special way. The house has features of many different styles of architecture, including that of the Netherlands. KLM’s 103rd miniature house highlights the ties within the Kingdom and our shared past. We have studied the history of aviation on Aruba and recognise that it has brought us freedom and economic progress. We are grateful that KLM provides us with a daily physical connection with the Netherlands and that it has made our wish come true.”

10 October, 2022

KLM names Maarten Koopmans as new managing director of KLM Cityhopper

Maarten Koopmans
KLM has named, Maarten Koopmans as the new managing director of KLM Cityhopper.  He'll take up the post from 15th November and replaces Warner Rootliep, who becomes Vice President of Internal Audit.

Koopmans joined KLM in 1998. He has held a range of positions during that time, giving him a broad experience of KLM. He is currently Vice President of Component Services at Engineering & Maintenance, where he bears responsibility for KLM's component business, which serves more than 50 airlines.

Maarten Stienen, COO of KLM said "I would like to thank Warner Rootliep for everything he did at KLM Cityhopper. With him at the helm, KLC welcomed its latest Embraer, the E2, to its fleet. I'd also like to welcome Maarten Koopmans to the KLM Operations Team."

Maarten Koopmans said: "I am honoured to be able to continue my career at KLM as Managing Director of KLM Cityhopper. Our KLC colleagues are under immense pressure, especially now we face daily disruptions to operations. This will, of course, receive my full attention. I am also looking forward to working with KLM to take further steps towards more sustainable aviation."

07 October, 2022

KLM wants talks with government on alternatives for capacity reduction at Schiphol

Photo Schiphol Airport
The business world, logistics sector and, above all, travellers choose for KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Netherlands partly on account of the many destinations served via the hub. This sprawling network is now under pressure due to the Dutch government’s plans to reduce operational capacity at Schiphol. The cabinet has announced plans to pursue further cutbacks in aircraft movements at Schiphol to reduce noise and CO2 emissions.

KLM shares the ministerial goal of reducing noise and CO2 emissions. However, KLM argues that reduced airport capacity will benefit neither travellers, nor the broader network, nor the Netherlands in general. Moreover, it restricts the earning capacity of airlines wanting to invest in sustainability. Fleet renewal offers a better alternative than capacity reduction. It will ensure a greater reduction in noise and emissions and will allow travellers to keep flying. This will enable us to strike a better balance in the interests of Schiphol, the environment, the surrounding community and travellers. We would like to discuss this alternative with the Dutch government.

KLM CEO Marjan Rintel said: "I share the cabinet’s aim of striking a balance between the interests of a good airport, the surrounding community and the environment. To this I want to add the interests of (air) travellers. The cabinet’s current solution is to strike a better balance by reducing operational capacity at Schiphol. Calculations show that fleet renewal is a better alternative for reducing noise and CO2 emissions. This implies that it is better solution for all. This is the issue I would like to address with the government. Purely on the basis of facts and figures."

03 October, 2022

airBaltic and Air France - KLM loyalty programme cooperation deal

Photo airBaltic
Photo airBaltic

The Latvian Government funded airline airBaltic has started a new travel loyalty programme cooperation with the European carriers KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France. This partnership will offer the members of the airBaltic Club to earn loyalty points on airBaltic codeshare flights, operated by KLM or Air France, while also allowing to spend collected points on KLM and Air France flights all over the world.

Wolfgang Reuss, SVP Network Management of airBaltic: “We are delighted that our loyalty programs continue to expand and offer even more, especially now, in a strong cooperation with the largest European airline group – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France. The opportunity to use loyalty benefits, covering the worldwide travel network from hubs in Amsterdam and Paris to more than 300 destinations, makes the airBaltic Club membership very desirable. Thus, we hope that soon more and more new members will join and use its advantages.”

The airBaltic Club is a loyalty program, where it is possible to earn loyalty points and collect stamps while travelling and receive various rewards. Members can earn points every time they fly airBaltic or use the services of other travel partners.

The loyalty programme is designed to be beneficial not only for frequent travellers, but also for those travelling occasionally. Customers, who travel less, can receive valuable rewards as well – for instance, free heavy baggage and advanced seat reservation among others.

To read more about the airBaltic Club, please visit:

Over the last 26 years, airBaltic has developed as a strong, profitable and internationally respected airline, which employs more than 2000 employees. airBaltic is by far the best-known international brand of Latvia and is responsible for more than 2.5% of the Latvian GDP. airBaltic operates 36 Airbus A220-300 aircraft. airBaltic has received numerous international awards for excellence and innovative services. Skytrax has awarded Latvian airline airBaltic a five–star COVID-19 safety rating and the Best Airline in Eastern Europe in 2022. In addition, airBaltic is one of the Top twenty airlines for COVID-19 compliance by the safety, product, and COVID-19 rating agency 

In 2018 and 2019 airBaltic received the ATW Airline Industry Achievement Award as the Market Leader of the Year. In addition, in 2019 airBaltic received Sector Leadership Award by Airline Business. airBaltic is a joint stock company that was established in 1995. Its primary shareholder is the Latvian state, which holds 97.96% of the stock, while the rest of the shareholders hold 2.04%.

/Collect stamps in airBaltic Club mobile app

Want to be a stamp collector?   You can collect stamps if you are a member of the airBaltic Club loyalty programme. You will receive your first and second stamps right away by enrolling in the stamp card. Collect one stamp for each flown one-way flight (direct or transfer). Stamps can only be received for airBaltic operated flights and tickets (ticket number is 657-xxxxxxxxxx), booked within the programme as a Club member, if the membership number is added in booking. These stamps will reward you with valuable prizes such as baggage vouchers, flight discounts, bonus points and even a free flight ticket.

Choose your favourite seat for free on your next flight after joining
Receive a heavy cabin baggage voucher after your first return flight
Get a free ticket* when you complete five return flights

 About airBaltic Club | airBaltic

Photo airBaltic

29 September, 2022

KLM's winter schedule will embrace a total of 163 destinations: 92 European and 71 intercontinental.

KLM's winter schedule will embrace a total of 163 destinations: 92 European and 71 intercontinental.
KLM's winter schedule will embrace a total of 163 destinations: 92 European and 71 intercontinental. Photo KLM

On commencement of the winter schedule (28 October 2022 through 25 March 2023), KLM’s network will embrace a total of 163 destinations: 92 European and 71 intercontinental. The new destinations taken up in the network are Nantes in France, Rovaniemi in Finland, Aarhus in Denmark and Katowice in Poland. This winter, KLM will also continue to operate its flights to Austin (Texas) which were introduced in the summer. In comparison with 2019, KLM will now be offering more seats on flights to North America.


KLM has added Nantes, Aarhus and Katowice to its network. From 29 October 2022, Nantes will be served twice daily and both Aarhus and Katowice daily. The European network now also includes Rovaniemi (Finland), to which KLM will fly once a week from 3 December through 25 March 2023.

Additionally, KLM will scale up the number of flights it operates to Teeside, Humberside, Cardiff, Southampton (UK) and Graz (Austria). Finally, Naples (Italy) and Split (Croatia) will both be served daily. While new this winter, these flights are a continuation of the summer schedule.

KLM’s network will embrace a total of 163 destinations: 92 European and 71 intercontinental. 

North America

In total, KLM will be serving 19 destinations in North America (Canada, US, Mexico) this winter, accounting for 11% more seats compared to 2019.

KLM will for example be flying to Los Angeles ten times a week this winter, representing three extra flights a week compared to last winter. Service to Austin, which launched in the summer, will continue. KLM will continue to serve the winter destination of Cancun which was introduced in 2021.

This winter, KLM’s new Premium Comfort Class will be available for booking to several destinations in the US and Canada. In this class, which combines elements of both Economy Class and World Business Class, customers will be able to experience KLM’s new service concept in a separate part of the cabin offering comfortable seats and plenty of legroom.

Caribbean and Suriname

17 September, 2022

KLM’s response to Schiphol’s request to limit the number of passengers boarding from Sept 17-19

Photo KLM
The Dutch national carrier KLM has issued the following statement on the continued disruption and capacity cuts at its main hub - Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. 

KLM is very disenchanted that Schiphol only indicated on Friday, 16 September that it would not be able to handle the number of passengers boarding in Amsterdam on Saturday 17, Sunday 18 and Monday, 19 September. The airport has requested KLM to reduce these passenger numbers. This request comes over and above the cancellations already made for September at the airport’s earlier request.

In order to continue to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew at the airport and in operations, KLM will therefore be forced to cancel 34 KLC and KLM flights to comply with Schiphol’s request for today (Saturday). These flights were all set to depart between 09:30 and 17:00 hours with a significant number of passengers boarding in Amsterdam. In order to still carry our passengers back from their destinations, these flights will be departing empty. This has been a difficult choice, but it is also the only way to comply with the airport’s request to limit the number of passengers boarding, reduce queues at Security, enable returning passengers to travel as expected and ease pressure on operations. We are still assessing which flights are eligible for cancellation on Sunday and Monday.

Photo KLM

16 September, 2022

Passenger number cap introduced at Amsterdam's Schipol as delays mount.

Amsterdam's Schipol Airport has introduced more flight restrictions as delays and disruption continue to mount at the international hub. Royal Schiphol Group NV has instigated an 18% reduction in passenger numbers per day, at least until October as it struggles to cope with demand. On average the airport will reduce passenger numbers by just over nine thousand each day. The maximum number will be 54,500 per day in September and 57,000 per day in October.

Like many airports in recent months, Schipol has found it difficult to recruit enough staff for various functions, in particular, security offices which is the cause of the latest cap on passenger numbers.  The news comes just a day after it was confirmed that chief executive Dick Benschop had resigned over the airport's poor performance over the last week or so. 

"This decision first and foremost is bad news for passengers and for airlines," says COO Hanne Buis of Royal Schiphol Group. "I am fully aware of that. Nevertheless, the decision taken is necessary with the safety of passengers and employees in mind. Everyone who works at Schiphol doing their utmost to ensure that each and every passenger journey is as pleasant as possible. I appreciate that. I am incredibly proud of that.” 

The airport's main customer, KLM issued a statement on the issue. 'Schiphol has again announced that it will be introducing further restrictions on the number of departing passengers until October 31. It’s disappointing to ascertain that Schiphol will again be adopting these measures at such short notice. The measures will have far-reaching consequences for our passengers, colleagues and the national and international reputation of Schiphol and therefore KLM.

KLM is currently assessing what the consequences of the new restrictions will be. Expectations are that there will be more clarity about this within a number of days. KLM will make every effort to ensure that passengers who have already booked tickets will in fact be able to travel. Passengers who would rather travel at a later date as a consequence of this situation will be able to rebook their flights at no extra cost.

We expect the situation at the airport to be resolved swiftly and effectively so that passengers and airlines know what they’re going to have to contend with – also in the longer term.'

Photo by Aron Marinelli on Unsplash

The maximum passenger capacity will be 54,500 per day in September and 57,000 per day in October.

23 August, 2022

Maarten Stienen appointed as COO of KLM

Maarten Stienen started out as a management trainee at KLM. He went on to hold a series of operational posts in the Netherlands and elsewhere during his first eleven years with the company, among which vice president Baggage & Turnaround Services. He then became vice president of Industrial Relations & HR. Maarten Stienen spent two years as managing director of KLM Catering Services before transferring to Hub Operations in 2020. His successor will be appointed in due course.

The Supervisory Board will also nominate Maarten Stienen to the General Meeting of Shareholders for appointment to the Board of Management of KLM. For this purpose an extraordinary general meeting will be convened. The Works Council of KLM will be asked for advice on this nomination.

Marjan Rintel, President & CEO of KLM said: "I am glad we have managed to find an excellent candidate for the role of COO. Maarten Stienen has extensive experience in operations as well as other sectors. His appointment will strengthen our executive team in terms of insight as well as experienced leadership. I am very much looking forward to working with Maarten to bring calm and stability to the organisation together."

16 August, 2022

KLM and the Dutch Airline Pilots Association have reached an agreement in principle on a new collective labour agreement

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has confirmed it is happy with the agreement reached with VNV - the Dutch Airline Pilots Association regarding a new collective labour agreement (CLA).  The new agreement, starts 1 March 2022 through 1 March 2023, for pilots covered by the CLA for KLM cockpit crew.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has confirmed it is happy with the agreement reached with VNV - the Dutch Airline Pilots Association regarding a new collective labour agreement (CLA).  The new agreement, starts 1 March 2022 through 1 March 2023, for pilots covered by the CLA for KLM cockpit crew. 

The airline says the deal 'will ensure calm and stability for the coming year and reflects KLM’s current circumstances.'  The airline and VNV will now finalise the protocol texts, which VNV will then present to their members’ council for approval.

KLM has ensured that the new CLA takes account of price developments in the Netherlands. A wage clause specifying a 2% increase effective 1 October 2022 and a further 2% effective 1 March 2023 has been agreed. This reflects agreements recently reached with the trade unions representing ground personnel.

We also reached an agreement with VNV on productivity and flexibility in the coming period.

The existing international commuting arrangement for pilots has been discontinued. Pilots who live outside the Netherlands will now pay for their flights when commuting to work.

KLM employees will receive one-off payment when KLM no longer has a credit facility with government guarantees. This payment acknowledges the concerted effort made by KLM staff in the face of recent challenges.

Despite KLM’s successful recovery, the future remains uncertain due to factors such as high inflation, rising costs, uncertainties surrounding coronavirus and scarcity in the job market. KLM must therefore continue to cut costs structurally. The negotiating parties agreed to return to the table if the situation so demands in the coming period.

04 August, 2022

KLM will fly to adventurous Finnish Lapland

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will operate direct service between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rovaniemi in northern Finland every Saturday from 3 December 2022 through 25 March 2023.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will operate direct service between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rovaniemi in northern Finland every Saturday from 3 December 2022 through 25 March 2023. KLM will deploy a Boeing 737-800 on this route, which can carry up to 186 passengers. Rovaniemi is KLM’s second destination in Finland after Helsinki. By adding Rovaniemi to its network, KLM will meet the growing demand for adventurous winter trips to Lapland.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and gateway to winter leisure travel. Rovaniemi is the last major city as one travels north into the remote and sprawling wilderness of Lapland, which one can explore on snow scooters or by husky safari. There’s also plenty to do in Rovaniemi itself, which offers a wide array of shops as well as cosy cafes and restaurants. You can also visit the home of Santa Claus, who lives in Santa Park. 

Flight schedule
Weekly flights will be operated on Saturdays with a Boeing 737-800, equipped with 30 seats in Business Class, six seats in Economy Comfort and 150 seats in Economy Class. Flights will only be operated during the winter season from 3 December 2022 through 25 March 2023.

KL1213 departs from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Saturdays at 12:25, arriving at Rovaniemi Airport at 16:20.

KL1214 departs from Rovaniemi Airport on Saturdays at 17:10, arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 19:15.

29 July, 2022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted positive operating results for the fourth time in a row in the second quarter of 2022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted positive operating results for the fourth time in a row in the second quarter of 2022. Profits came to €262 million, compared to a €185 million loss in the same quarter last year. In the first six months of 2022, the airline recorded positive operating results of €266 million on revenues amounting to €4.685 billion, a significant improvement due in part to the efforts of KLM employees. The figures show that customers are keen to fly with KLM again, both for business and for leisure.

Despite KLM’s strong results after the Covid-19 crisis, emotions remain mixed. Customers were greatly inconvenienced by major operational disruptions in May and June, two hectic and demanding months for our employees as well.

The sharp rise in passenger numbers, long queues at Schiphol security and shortages of KLM staff put heavy pressure on operations, especially in the months of May and June. It is a very unpleasant situation for both our customers and our employees. KLM was forced to cancel flights and impose a limit on ticket sales. The positive effects of these measures are becoming visible. Operations are manageable again, but unfortunately, we have not yet returned to the standard of service that customers have come to expect from us.

KLM President & CEO Marjan Rintel stated: "Despite the enormous operational challenges posed by the recovery of the airline industry, millions of customers once again chose to fly with KLM and Transavia over the past six months. I am very grateful to them for that. At the same time, however, our operations are struggling with queues at Schiphol’s security checks, labour shortages and heavy workloads. We are doing our best to come up with measures that will alleviate the pressure.

In my initial meetings with members of our organisation, I saw how KLM employees are working hard, day-in and day-out, to deliver the standard of quality that customers have come to expect from us. They are doing this under very difficult circumstances at Schiphol and other airports. I am proud of all of them for their dedication and commitment.

While the figures are good, we must keep a tight rein on structural costs. That is vital to KLM’s financial health and will enable us to continue investing in sustainability and our product for customers."

20 July, 2022

KLM and Thalys launch trial for Amsterdam-Brussels transfer passengers

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Thalys will today launch their previously announced partnership that will see KLM buying seats aboard the Thalys high-speed train for transfer passengers travelling between Schiphol and Brussels. This will allow KLM to operate one less flight between Amsterdam and Brussels every day. The aim of the venture is to increase the number of transfer passengers travelling by rail between Brussels and Schiphol. Almost all passengers on this route transfer to and from KLM flights at Schiphol

This cooperative venture is an important first step in KLM’s implementation of the Dutch government’s Action Plan for Rail and Air Services (Actieagenda Trein en Luchtvaart). This action plan was jointly released at the end of 2020 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in consultation with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ProRail, KLM and NS Dutch Railways. The plan stipulates actions and measures ensuring that international rail travel becomes a logical alternative supplementing airline services on routes shorter than 700 kilometres. For some time now, KLM has offered transfer passengers the option of boarding a Thalys high-speed train instead of a flight on the Brussels-Schiphol leg of their journey (or vice versa). Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 20 to 25% of these passengers (some 36,000 customers) chose this option.  This trial is aimed at improving the customer experience.

Moreover, KLM is working with NS Dutch Railways and other European railway companies to explore the options of additional high-speed, comfortable rail services for transfer passengers to other destinations.

The new air-rail product is the first concrete result of the Action Plan for Rail and Air Services. We’re proud of this achievement. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ProRail and NS Dutch Railways, we’re striving to ensure a seamless customer journey, with better connections between rail and air travel.

Boet Kreiken – Executive Vice President Customer Experience KLM