Sunday, 22 May 2022

YouTube prankster confuses and distresses passengers arriving at Gatwick with Welcome to Luton sign.......

An interesting stunt from a prankster on YouTube has caused panic and distress for passengers arriving at London Gatwick airport. 

Max Fosh created a series of letters spelling out "Welcome to Luton" which was easily visible from the air, being 60m / 197ft big. The only problem was that its at least 60 miles away from  Luton and on the approach to Gatwick.

Abbey Desmond from Essex, who took the photo above, said it left her in a state of "great panic".

Rachel Harris's mother from Burgess Hill went into a panic attack and had to receive medical attention on the ground after seeing the sign, believing she was going to miss her daughter's wedding. 

Mr Fosh went on the local BBC radio station to say, "It's my job to make videos and my videos are all about doing silly things, to put a smile on people's faces but just to be silly, I'm glad this stunt has gone down well."

The sign is going to be up for five weeks. 

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