Tuesday, 24 May 2022

A new Polish hub airport to be developed.....

Photo KPF

A new central airport hub is set to be built in Poland according to reports in the local media and Passenger Terminal World. The new Solidarity Transport Hub (STH) will have a passenger capacity of around 40 million passengers a year in phase one of the project that will also see it take on a dual-purpose role as a military hub.

The Polish Government has approved plans for the  Solidarity Transport Hub which will be at the centre of a vast rail and road network, affording better transport connections and increasing options for onward travel. It will be roughly mid-way between Lodz and Warsaw.  According to a former commander of US ground forces in Europe, “The planned hub is what NATO needs in terms of military mobility and what the European Union has in mind when discussing military mobility. We need depth and redundancy in transportation infrastructure. The STH project will add a capability and capacity that no other node in Poland (or elsewhere in Eastern Europe) can match.”

Marcin Horała, deputy minister of infrastructure for the Government Plenipotentiary of the STH, said, “The STH, despite its civilian nature, also has a significant impact in terms of our country’s defence. Of course, it will not be a military base, but still an extremely important point of NATO’s eastern flank – if only because of a significant increase in military mobility.”
Photo KPF

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we've seen NATO early warning and surveillance aircraft flying along Ukraine's borders on an almost permanent basis, 24 hours a day. Many of these aircraft are coming from bases in Germany and UK with a small number flying in from nations like Spain. Having a big hub in Poland, such as the STH project would provide would greatly enhance NATO's operational capacity and ability to maintain this airborne early warming and spy in the sky system indefinitely.  


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